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Jul 9, 2009 07:18 AM

New Bakery in Annapolis- Praline

A new bakery has opened in Clock Tower Place (1410 Forest Drive) in Annapolis.
Excellent offerings of pastries, breads and takeout salads.
Open every day, with the helpful co-owner behind the case!

I've tried the baguette (excellent), chocolate croissants (to die for), and other cookies/bars.

Worth a trip for top quality offerings.
(they have another store in Bethesda)

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  1. Try the butcher, wine, and cheese stores in the same plaza.

    1. Thanks artichokegirl., we so desperately need a good bakery in town. Amazing that it took this long. Hope it will last unlike the other proprieters that had a bakery in that location. It is a worthy destination as the other poster commented. A butcher from Crofton just relocated to that plaza and offers quality prime beef and other products. The wine cellar is just a pleasure to shop in. Their selection and presentation of wines is excellent. (Wine tastings on Saturday) The attached cheese/gourmet shop has some very unique and cool items. Worth the trip as you said when you have so many fine purveyors in one location.

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        so i hear, they are in negotiations for a fish monger and a fresh produce market. the wine cellar owner wants to create a mini france at the clock tower. so far, so wonderful. - get on his mailing list; he has a wine tasting every week. - she pairs cheeses to go with the wines featured on saturdays - he grills every saturday meats that pair with the wines
        and pralines - her olive loaf is wonderful. call ahead to order in advance because it sells out rapidly on saturdays.

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          I'll have to try it. Have you ever tried Cakes and Confections on the other side of town near Cantler's? They have really good cakes and pastries (the key lime pie and chocolate macaroons are really good).

        2. Treated myself to a chocolate croissant last Saturday AM. It was a nice way to start the day. I plan to try some other options, just need to pace myself!

          1. I decided to stop by there yesterday and picked up some bread, individual tarts, and some croissants. Quite delicious, but the heat em up croissants you find at Trader Joe's in the frozen food aisle still seem a step above. Maybe because they come out fresh from the oven, steaming hot but still crunchy???

            Anyway, I spoke with the woman briefly and told her I hope she does well here as there is a shortage of good serious bakeries in our area. She asked me to help spread the word. I posted on Trip Advisor, but if anyone else has any venues to help, I'm sure it would be appreciated. I know I will do my part in supporting them. Besides the Wine Cellar place is just a joy to shop in so I can get all my decadent indulgences in one stop.

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              Praline's croissants are so good. I grew up in France and this is how croissants are supposed to be --- flaky and buttery. The traditional French way of doing it is labor-intensive and requires a lot of hand skills. The factory-made, frozen, pre-formed ones just don't cut it. I will definitely help spread the word. Good bakeries are hard to find. I hear they are doing Farmer's Markets, too.