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Jul 9, 2009 07:00 AM

Moderately priced tasting menu?

I do love a multi-course tasting menu, but I'm coming to New York with a family of 5. Are there any places that have a good one say between $50 and $70 per person? I don't care if the atmosphere is downscaled; creative cuisine is all I'm looking for.


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  1. If you are willing to do a tasting at lunch, Eleven Madison Park, our favorite NYC restaurant, offers a 5-course Gourmand menu for $68. Chef Daniel Humm's French-inspired cuisine is sensational, the wine list is excellent, service is very cordial and polished, and the space is gorgeous!

    1. Degustation

      Babbo's Pasta Tasting

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        I totally agree with Degustation, but would also consider that it's all counter seating, so a family of five may not want to do that.

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          Convivio has a 4 course prix-fix menu for $59. You get to choose from their entire menu.

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            Agree - do they even take parties of that size?

            Babbo would be very good but they don't have that many large tables, so it might be hard to get into. Not that it isn't already difficult to get in, to begin with!

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              Sorry I didn't see the part about 5 members in the family. Guess Degustation is out.

        2. We were six and had a great dinner at Babbo. Didn't do the pasta tasting menu but had no trouble getting that table ( month to the day reservation, speed dialing for 45 minutes).

          1. Momofuku Ssam bar used to offer a tasting menu for around $70 i think. I havent been in awhile, so I'm not sure if they still offer it, or if the price has gone up.

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              Ssam has a tasting -- I think it is either $70 or $75. It is basically a run through the big hits on the menu. When I went, it was absolutely a ton of food and a lot of it was, unsurprisingly, terrific (the hams were especially good that night I thought) -- but if you've been to the restaurant a few times, you've probably tried a lot of what they give you. They will also do a wine pairing that is a lot of fun, if not particularly inexpensive.

            2. Po in West Village has a 6 course tasting for around $52/person. Momofuku Noodle bar now has a prix-fize - I think it's under $30?

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                Thanks for all the great suggestions so far.