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Jul 9, 2009 06:49 AM

Good SA Restaurants

We're going to San Antonio these weekend. Please suggest great restaurants there.

Most of a previous post about their restaurants were 6 years old. We can't afford La Reve, but would appreciate any suggestions. We like Mexican, Italian, and steak restaurants.

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  1. Where are you staying? Do you have a car?
    My current favorite for Italian is Tre Trattoria, next to The Witte Museum
    For MX, do you want authentic or tex/mex? I really like Guajillos at 410 and Blanco and Celito Lindo at Stone Oak and Huebner.
    For steak, if you have a large budget, Bohanans is good. Otherwise the only other steak joints I know are chains like Ruths Chris, Mortons, The Palm, Kirbys

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    1. re: saeyedoc

      We have a car -- we'll be at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort to the west, but can drive to different places. I see that Tre was recommended twice, so I'll check out the menu online.

      I'm interested in authentic MX -- were the restaurants you listed tex/mex or interior MX?

      Thanks for the steak recommendations -- some I'm familiar with, others I'm not.

      1. re: TexasBreeze

        Interior, Mexico City. Guajillos is a kindof a hole in the wall. Celito Lindo more upscale, great Chili Relleno, Mole, Tampiquena, etc.
        There are 3 rests right at 1601/Huebner which are really good.
        Wildfish for fresh seafood, Roaring Fork has good happy hour prices for apps and Brasserie Pavil, beer tastings (extensive Belgian beers including 4 on tap), Moules Frites, Steak Frites.

    2. I'll second the post for Tre, but if you are downtown, hop on the trolley and go to LeFritte, Azuca, or Rosarios all on S. Alamo. If you have a car, you can drive to Bistro Vatel or Ciao Lavendaria on Olmos or to the slew of new, good restaurants in the Stone Oak/Loop 1604 area such as Bistro Pavil, Ciel, Ciao II, Meson, or Bistro Thyme. A favorite of mine is Grissini in the Lincoln park shopping center on Broadway. If any of these appeal, most of the menus and directions can be accessed on-line. Have a great weekend and don't croak from heat stroke. It's darned hot in SA!

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      1. re: amazinc

        Thanks for the suggestions -- I'll definitely access them online to study their menus. It's been awhile since I've been in SA, so I'm not familiar with the new restaurants.

        Yep, I haven't seen heat like this ever -- pool time is in order this weekend.

      2. I'd add Dough pizza to the mix. Certified Neapolitan pizza maker at Blanco and 410. Expensive for pizza, but delicious. Other items on menu also excellent