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lobster recommendations please

We've got friends coming from CA and they want lobster. Not being a fan I haven't got a clue where to take them. To quote them, they don't mind paper plates and rustic settings (Woodman's, No Name?). Help me direct them to a good experience. Thanks.

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  1. Personally I would stay far away from No Name- I was incredibly unimpressed (and thats the nice pg way of putting it) when I was there. Close by though you have The James Hook which will definitely satisfy the "paper plates" section- and they have some very nice lobster rolls etc. I ASSUME that they would serve you a steamed lobster as well- but that should probably be verified.

    Thats the only paper plate place coming to mind in Boston proper....though there are many more upscale places- Neptune Oyster for example...

    1. If it has to be in Boston proper, Yankee Lobster in South Boston near the Pavillion, is good.


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        Thanks for getting this thread on lobster rolling (sorry, I couldn't resist). They are renting a car so it doen't have to be in Boston.

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          Does Yankee Lobster prepare them for you and have a place to sit and eat them? Indoors or outdoors or both? In other words, are they a restuarant in addition to a market?

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            Yankee will most definitely prepare and serve you their lobster (plus a host of other fish). Ample outdoor seating, somewhat less indoor. Beer and wine to boot.

        2. If a drive is OK (1 hr), I would take them to the Lobster Pool in Rockport, good food, great setting, BYO and a nice area to explore.

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            yep. LIke the lobster pool. I also like the causeway (gloucester). Their lobster casserole entree (19.99) is a good value. The lobster pool has a nicer location.


          2. Twins at the Mt. Vernon in Somerville.

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              Basil Cafe on Route 138 in Stoughton-3 hardshell lobsters any style for $23.95.

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                Currently $11.99 on Monday - Wednesday.

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                  Where are the 11.99 lobsters thanks

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                  Wait a sec. The Mt. Vernon is good? I assumed the lobsters there would be... well, like ordering them at Charlie's. (Which a friend once did for the hell of it, but boy does that tank creep me out.)

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                    Just your basic boiled lobsters. Their tanks aren't visible from the dining area.

                3. skip woodman's. they pre-steam and then reheat them when your order them -- for $16/ lb.

                  1. Another Lobster Pool Vote. Lobster should be eaten outside with a view of the ocean on a picnic table. Bring a few beers or a bottle of wine. If it is raining, however, inside is best. Then I would recommend Mt. Vernon for close to Boston, or if you come to Cape Ann either Seaport Grille in Gloucester (usually around $20 for twin lobsters with sides), Topsider ($13.99 for lobster dinner) or the Causeway. Causeway has the longest wait though.

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                      Definitely Lobster Pool for the total experience - never disappoints as long as it's nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the view over to Crane's Beach. Much more locally, Summer Shack at Alewife is always good, but comes at a premium price.