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Jul 9, 2009 06:40 AM

lobster recommendations please

We've got friends coming from CA and they want lobster. Not being a fan I haven't got a clue where to take them. To quote them, they don't mind paper plates and rustic settings (Woodman's, No Name?). Help me direct them to a good experience. Thanks.

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  1. Personally I would stay far away from No Name- I was incredibly unimpressed (and thats the nice pg way of putting it) when I was there. Close by though you have The James Hook which will definitely satisfy the "paper plates" section- and they have some very nice lobster rolls etc. I ASSUME that they would serve you a steamed lobster as well- but that should probably be verified.

    Thats the only paper plate place coming to mind in Boston proper....though there are many more upscale places- Neptune Oyster for example...

    1. If it has to be in Boston proper, Yankee Lobster in South Boston near the Pavillion, is good.

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        Thanks for getting this thread on lobster rolling (sorry, I couldn't resist). They are renting a car so it doen't have to be in Boston.

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          Does Yankee Lobster prepare them for you and have a place to sit and eat them? Indoors or outdoors or both? In other words, are they a restuarant in addition to a market?

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            Yankee will most definitely prepare and serve you their lobster (plus a host of other fish). Ample outdoor seating, somewhat less indoor. Beer and wine to boot.

        2. If a drive is OK (1 hr), I would take them to the Lobster Pool in Rockport, good food, great setting, BYO and a nice area to explore.

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            yep. LIke the lobster pool. I also like the causeway (gloucester). Their lobster casserole entree (19.99) is a good value. The lobster pool has a nicer location.


          2. Twins at the Mt. Vernon in Somerville.

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              Basil Cafe on Route 138 in Stoughton-3 hardshell lobsters any style for $23.95.

              1. re: lowbuckbob

                Currently $11.99 on Monday - Wednesday.

                1. re: content

                  Where are the 11.99 lobsters thanks

                2. re: lowbuckbob

                  Wait a sec. The Mt. Vernon is good? I assumed the lobsters there would be... well, like ordering them at Charlie's. (Which a friend once did for the hell of it, but boy does that tank creep me out.)

                  1. re: djd

                    Just your basic boiled lobsters. Their tanks aren't visible from the dining area.

                3. skip woodman's. they pre-steam and then reheat them when your order them -- for $16/ lb.