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Jul 9, 2009 05:58 AM

Recommendation for some great chinese food


I live in Chicago and I often drive up to Toronto 2 to 3 times a year for the great chinese food. There are so many chinese rest. in toronto and I would like to try some new places on my next trip. Can some of the locals recommend some places for dim sum, bbq (chinese kind), soup noodles, bakery (buns), milk tea, and dinner. You guys are sooooo lucky to live there! I would put on weight so easily if I live there with all the great chinese food. BTW I'm an american born chinese (juk-sing).

Some of the places I've been to already are:
- Best Friends in Mississauga for dinner (its in the little chinese strip mall on Dundas). The satay shrimp fun-see hot pot is the best I've had. Also been to the Big rest. (forgot name but in the same mall) for the dim sum.
- Ginger & Onion (outside of pacific mall)
- Markham Peking House - Great Peking duck and oyster hot pot. This is one of my favorites rest..
- Magic Wok
- Jim Chi Kee - for wontons
- Backyard Garden (Steeles and Warden?)
- Ding Tai Fung - Best Pot Sticker and Hot Sour soup
- Spring Villa for dim sum
- Forgot name but the rest. in Time Square located upstairs for dim sum
- Richmond Court for BBQ
- Congee Wong for congee. Also went for congee in the First Markham mall
- Golden Noodles (in old chinatown)

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  1. We are very lucky to have a wide variety of excellent chinese food in Toronto.
    We are also lucky to have a number of extremely knowledgeable posters on this board.
    I suggest you read the posts of Charles Yu, Skyline R33, Bokchoi and Erly among others as they have contributed volumes of superb opinion.