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Jul 9, 2009 05:13 AM

Indian Restaurants Rt 27 Franklin Park NJ to Somerset NJ

Just in case you cannot make it to one of the Indian Restaurants on Oak Tree Road in Edison NJ or Iselin NJ. This is an updated list of Indian Restaurants Located on Rt 27 starting at the Intersection of 518 driving North to How Lane Somerset NJ.

Total Driving Distance About 7 Miles - This includes the towns of Franklin Park NJ – Monmouth Junction NJ – North Brunswick NJ – Somerset NJ. Apologize in advance for any mistakes, missed restaurants, or misspelling.

Located in the Steinmart Strip Mall
Kwality Ice Cream @ Sejal’s Pizza
3391 Rt 27 South
Franklin Park, NJ 08828

Located next door to KFC
Bangalore Express
3211 State Rte 27 South
Franklin Park, NJ 08823
(732) 940-8840
Vegetarian Indian Food
Another location a few miles up Rt 27 in Somerset NJ

Located in the Village Shopper Strip Mall
Khan Baba Halal Meats and Grill
3201 State Route 27 South
Franklin Park, NJ 08823

Hot Breads
Home of the Not so Good Cupcake on the Stick - Love the concept!

Paratha Junction
3201 Rt 27 South
Franklin Park NJ
Another location in Jersey City NJ
Chow Thread

Located In The Strip Mall Next to the Above Restaurants
Balaji Express
3191 Rt 27 South
Franklin Park NJ
Serving Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian and Andhra

Located in the same strip mall as Pho99
Great Wall Supermarket
Note: Web Site has No English
3151 State Route 27 South
Franklin Park, NJ 08823

Located in a Stand Alone Building
Supreme Kabob and Curry
3076 State Highway 27 North
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
(732) 940-2300
Chow Thread

Located in the Strip Mall with China Wok not far from Tastee Sub Shop
Udipi Café
3029 State Route 27 South
Franklin Park, NJ 08823-1200
Another location in Parsippany NJ
Chow Thread

Located in Ryan Plaza
Patel Cash and Carry
2800 State Route 27 North
North Brunswick, NJ
(732) 821-7232
Other locations in Edison and Jersey City NJ

Abhiruchi Fine Dining
2800 Route 27 North
North Brunswick NJ 08902
Another location in Iselin NJ
Chow Thread
Must Try Dosa – AMAZING!

The Royal Thai and Indo Chinese
2800 state Rt 27 North
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Located Next Door to Luca’s Italian
Opening Soon 2009
Desi Food Galaxy
2021 RT 27 South
Somerset, NJ
(732) 322-9421
Another Location in Iselin NJ

Located in Plaza 27 Strip Mall
Dosa Grill
South Indian
1980 State Route 27 North
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
(732) 422-6800
Chow Threads

Paradise Biryani Pointe
1980 Route 27 North
North Brunswick NJ
Other locations Edison – Parsippany and Jersey City
This place was the most crowded at lunch

Located in a stand alone building
Subzi Mandi
1743 Rt 27 South
Somerset NJ

Located in the same Strip Mall as Szechwan Ace
Patel Food Market
1737 Rt 27 South
Somerset NJ

Located in the same strip mall as Pho Anh Dao
Punjabi Rasoi
Northern Indian Food
1483 Rt 27 South – But on the end of the strip mall on a side street
Somerset NJ
Chow Threads

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  1. Comprehensive list, as far as I can tell. Which ones are your favorites?

    3 Replies
    1. re: glutton

      Had lunch at a chowhound pick Pho99, Vietnamese Restaurant the other day.
      Personally from this list, have not tried any of the Indian Restaurants , except for hot breads. Normally we go to Oak Tree Road or Bombay Gardens in East Brunswick.

      However, It was a beautiful day.
      Took note of the explosion of restaurants in that area and wanted to cross reference real world restaurant data to chowhound so I could become educated on new places to dine. Spent about 30 minutes driving and documenting, then another 30 minutes at home data mining and compiling.

      Where will I go based on my research
      1st stop will be Punjabi Rasoi - looks to be a true mom and pop with glowing reports from other entities on the Internet

      2nd stop Royal Thai for IndoChinese - I Love IndoChinese

      3rd stop Paratha Junction - based on a recent chowhound post want to give it a try.

      1. re: glutton

        We tried Paratha Junction this past weekend and the food is great! We had cauliflower and fish paratha and they are out of this world. Also they had some saag dishes as daily specials. I had the saag chicken and it is the best saag I've ever had.

        We had a great meal. Thanks a lot for the list!

        Paratha Junction
        3201 Highway 27, Franklin Park, NJ 08823

        1. re: cindytong

          Paratha Junction received a nice review in the NY Times a couple of weeks ago:

          Paratha Junction
          3201 Highway 27, Franklin Park, NJ 08823

      2. Udipi Cafe no longer operates the Parsippany location. It has changed names and ownership after a decline and is now quite good.

        2 Replies
        1. re: jmoryl

          Udipi Cafe website needs to be updated, they still show the Parsippany NJ location.

          1. re: shabbystorm

            Update on former Parsippany location of Udipi:
            It is now another Indian vegetarian place called Mysore Woodlands. Based on several visits to the lunch buffet, the quality is excellent (packed with Indian customers on a recent Saturday, too).

        2. Balaji Express seemed to be closed yesterday (10/26/09). It was dark and there were at least two FedEx delivery notices stuck in the door, indicating more than just one day off.

          3 Replies
          1. re: eleeper

            Belaji still closed (01/18/10), and their web site is gone as well. Pho 99 seemed dark as seen from the road also. Paratha Junction was open and doing business, though.

            1. re: eleeper

              Pho 99 is not closed. They are not open for business on Monday, which may explain why the restaurant "seemed dark" when you drove by.

              1. re: ambrose

                Thanks. I thought that might be the case.