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Jul 9, 2009 12:13 AM

Top Chef, August '09 -- much DC/MD love

Jesse Sandlin

Age: 30
Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
Profession:: Executive Chef, Abacrombie Fine Foods
Michael Isabella

Age: 34
Hometown: North Jersey – currently resides in Washington, D.C.
Profession:: Executive Chef, Zaytinya
Michael Voltaggio

Age: 30
Hometown: Frederick, Md. – currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif.
Profession:: Chef de Cuisine at Bazaar by Jose Andres
Bryan Voltaggio

Age: 33
Hometown: Frederick, Md.—currently resides in Urbana, Md.
Profession:: Chef/Partner, VOLT Restaurant

Definitely should be interesting to see some local chefs/restaurants represented.. based on the meals you've had with these chefs, who would you think comes out on top?

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  1. I've had meals from three of the four (never been to Bazaar) but wouldn't try to guess based on the meals I had at their restaurant. In Top Chef they throw curveballs, cooking in a dorm room, etc. Who wins is going to be more who can adapt to the odd conditions than who does the best job in their own kitchen when they get to choose what they are going to cook. That said, I think I'd go with Michael Isabella only because I think someone who is used to making lots of different small plates will have a more flexible outlook and be better able to adapt to the timing and other handicaps.

    1. Is this just a few contestants from top Chef or a Top Chef Masters?

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        This is the next cycle of the regular show. Nice to see so many locals since DC has been largely un-represented in past seasons.

      2. oooh when does this start airing? (I'm sick, 'reality TV' is the devil - I should be reading )

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          Reality TV is like people's not enriching but it sure is fun.

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            yeah but I don't want anyone to see me doing it.