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Jul 8, 2009 11:09 PM

Homemade Breakfast Sausages

I'm really, really fed up with the storebought frozen stuff, so I've found a bunch of recipes online for the homemade version of these patties. I'd like to cook a bunch & then freeze/re-fry them as needed. I'm unsure as whether to freeze the patties raw, or pre-cooked. I'm leaning towards that latter. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. We make all kinds of sausage here at home, and one of them is breakfast sausage. I'll freeze the patties raw, for two reasons: I found that the texture was better when I eventually cooked them, and if I want to use the meat as part of another recipe later (Turkey stuffing, pork bomb, etc) I have that option.

    I have a food blog / website with videos of me and my wife making breakfast sausage, but I can't post a link...


    1. I make several kinds of breakfast sausages. You're better off making patties and freezing them raw than pre-cooking. Cut squares of parchment/freezer paper to seperate the patties.

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        Would you be willing to post your sausage formula? My sage is growing like wildflowers out there, and I was thinking that breakfast sausage might be the perfect foil for this tasty herb.

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          Thanks for the replies guys - I'll be going raw then. I too would love to have a gander at your recipes! Thanks again!

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            Click on my signature, and then follow my blog link to see our recipes.

            Another great online sausage recipe source is a place called (??) they have a downloadable PDF recipe booklet with a huge number of sausages.