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Jul 8, 2009 10:31 PM

Richmond day trip

Does anyone have any recs for a yummy southern home cooking place in Richmond?

My friend and I are taking a short day trip tomorrow and would love to hear any last minute replies from fellow chowhounders =)

I searched on this board and the Mid-Atlantic one but didnt find much...

Or if there is another place you would highly recommend for lunch in Richmond or on the way there from DC, we'd love to know too!!


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  1. For Richmond, you should post this on/search the South board.

    1. Down in the Bottoms area there's a "diner" across from where the market is (it's pay parking otherwise). I ate a burger there about 2 months ago and was really impressed. More of a bar than a "diner". An interesting Thai place is a few doors down to the left, which I'm intrigued to try.

      I ate at a great southern place a couple of years ago on top of the hill, past the capital, but it sadly closed. I think it was related to another place but I can't remember exactly.

        1. re: alkapal

          Croaker's Spot is great soul food in Richmond.

        2. Check out Comfort for Southern comfort food.

          1. Comfort is great for dinner, I've heard lunch is not as good but have not had lunch there myself. The Black Sheep has a very good lunch as does Millie's Diner