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What are everyones favorite restaurants in Frisco?

What are everyones favorite restaurants in Frisco? Has anyone tried any new places they liked?

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  1. That is a big question. I had Rudy's the other day for the first time and liked it. I used to like the Terilli's off Preston but I am pretty sure they closed that location. There are obviously lots of choices, not a lot of non-chain restaurants or at least couple location restaurants. It just depends on what you are looking for. The Frisco location of Babe's always gets good reviews too.

    1. I live in Phoenix but visit Frisco to see relatives. There's a restaurant called The Abbey. It's in a renovated church in "downtown". I believe it's the Abbey or maybe the Monastery. Really good food and a great brunch on Sundays.

      1. Unfortunately, the Abbey closed earlier this year.

        We like these (non-chain) restaurants in Frisco:
        Chopan Grill - Afgan and Mediterranean, BYOB
        Sake Toro - Sushi
        Cafe Chez Moi - French/Continental Bistro, BYOB
        Best Thai - Thai food, not really a chain
        Isabella's - Italian
        Giovanni's - Italian, we like the pizza and the specials, but I've not been overly impressed with other regular menu items.

        Other places we like but I wouldn't say we're regulars:
        Randy's Steakhouse - steak <grin>
        Fortuna Grill - Italian, BYOB but $10 corkage
        Kotta - sushi (good fish but we prefer Sake Toro in general).

        I like Rudy's too, but haven't made it to the one in Frisco yet; I like it mostly for the sauce however. Bummer about Terilli's; I hadn't noticed they closed.

        We also eat at Snookies and Scotty P's.

        I can expand on why we like various places if you'd like.

        Hope this helps.

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          I second Sake Toro! :) Lots of interesting sushi rolls!

          1. Even though its a local chain, my family and I love Brooklyn's (Lebanon & Legacy) pizza. Its not artisanal, like Fireside Pies (close to Frisco at Shops at Legacy in N. Plano), but good, solid NY style pizza. You can get it by the slice, and they really pile on the toppings.

            Another local chain, that I am sure has been written about alot on Chow is Mooyah Burgers. There are two in Frisco, one at Eldorado and 423, the other on Preston. Good burgers, nothing fancy, similar to In N' Out.

            We enjoy Best Thai quite a bit. Their fried dumplings are always excellent.

            5th Street Patio Café, just south of downtown Frisco on 5th street is a good, "ladies who lunch" kind of place.

            I have never been, but have heard many good things about Bonnie Ruth's in Shops at Starwood. TruFire in the same shopping center has been very good the two times we have been. They have a dish called The Crock, or something similar, and it is a pasta with roasted broccoli in a light cream sauce. Excellent.

            Babe's is great, and a great place to take out of state guests. It screams "TEXAS", and was rated by Southern Living, I believe, as the best fried chicken in the country a couple of years ago. If you dont know about it, the main dishes are all chicken derivatives (fried, grilled, smoked), along with catfish, and pot roast, I think. The veggie sides (mashed potatoes, creamed corn, green beans, simple lettuce salad with vinegarette) are served family style, and can be refilled unlimitedly. Its also byob, and you will see folks bringing in small coolers, which is kinda funny in hoity toity Phrisceaux.

            1. I like Randy White's BBQ just north of Preston/Main. Great cornbread and rolls...and BBQ better than Dickey's for sure.

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                Funny...I thought it was pretty close to horrible.

              2. The pickings are pretty slim in Frisco, outside of the usual family oriented chain restaurants.
                For a family style non-chain Italian try Fortuna Grill, not amazing food but friendly with some more unusual dishes like the vodka based pasta sauce which is excellent.
                For burgers try Scotty P's - there is a new branch on Eldorado. This is a family run business that does inexpensive burgers and is very family friendly. Their onion rings with ranch dressing are great.
                Best Thai does decent Thai food and is not expensive - the one in Addison is better however.
                For fine dining however you really need to go further afield, the only place worth a try is Bonnie Ruth's which has a nice brasserie feel and decent food. Their creme brulee is excellent and most of their desserts are good. They do a brunch menu which is good and you can always polish that off with dessert!
                Palio's Pizza place is a somewhat stark eating environment and deserted at lunch but gets busy at night as it is BYOB. The only reason I mention this place is because they do a really good BBQ Chicken Pizza. Don't bother with anything else here, it's less than ordinary but the BBQ Pizza is worth a try.

                Randy's Steakhouse is expensive and not as good as others a bit further afield, however it's an unusual dining environment so might appeal.

                Hope that helps

                1. I'm aghast that people will compare Mooyah Burgers with In-N-Out. Puleeeeze! Mooyah isn't even on the same planet as In-N-Out.

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                    Twinwillow, There are plenty of us out there who just don't get the whole In-N-Out hoopla. I happen to like having some options for what I put on my burger. At Mooyah, I can get my burger with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and pickled jalapenos. And while I don't put mayo on my burger, at In-N-Out, mayo is not even available as a condiment. When it comes to fries, there is no comparison, Mooyah's fries are are vastly superior in every way to In-N-Out's fries. Mooyah is not the ultimate burger place, but neither is In-N-Out. Why would you be so shocked that someone might compare the two? They both sell mainly just burgers and fries. I think that was the point that the point of the person who compared the two.

                  2. One2One Restaurant and Bar! Just found it this weekend, it's only been open a year or so. The food was amazing and the atmosphere is fun! Great Patio

                    1. Bonnie Ruth's
                      5th Street Cafe

                      1. I think the only restaurant I've been to in Frisco is Babe's--so that must be my favorite ;)

                        1. In no particular order:

                          Kenny's Burger Joint
                          One 2 One
                          Mariana's Taco Shop
                          Babe's (I am sure it is like the rest)

                          1. Babe's
                            Sushi Envy (Preston road near 121) - Conveyor belt sushi with AYCE options and special order options. Runs a $17 lunch option for almost everything (except the premium cuts).
                            Pho Que Huong (Preston Road near 121) - Vietnamese noodle soup with all sorts of delicious options (Local chain)

                            1. Irish Rover, hey it's not high end food by any means but my wife and I love their Sunday brunches and we often eat a late Sat. lunch there.

                              We also like JINBEH for Japanese.

                              Not sure what to think of Randy Whites, have only ate there twice, the first time I thought it was decent BBQ, the next time I thought it was awful, maybe I need to try it again.

                              Babes is OK, it took awhile for it to grow on me but I usually go to the one in Carrollton.

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                                Smashburger hands down for Burgers
                                True Fire-esp. great handmade cocktails. Food is good too.
                                Bonnie Ruth's-esp. for dessert.
                                Silverfox Steakhouse-went recently and was very impressed and I don't typically love steak houses.
                                We like the chicken fried steak and chicken at 2 Brothers. Food reminds me of Good Eats which is a favorite of mine.

                                Walked into the Irish Rover once and the smell of smoke was overwhelming. Because of that we have never been back. Jinbeh wasn't really a standout for us. We prefer Benihanna for that sort of thing. Randy Whites is o.k. I go because its a good atmosphere and the kids like it.

                                Will have to try Pho Que. We have been going to V Bistro for Pho.

                                I like the concept of 5th Street but every time we have been it is been very chaotic in there and service was lacking.

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                                  I am very sensitive to second hand smoke but the only smoking at the Irish Rover is out on their patio and it has never bothered me when dining inside.

                                  You picked Benihana over Jinbeh, interesting. The last Benihana I ate in was in California years ago and I thought it was sort of cheesy or at least I thought so back then so I guess I should try one locally and see if it different to me now. We use to eat at Japon in Plano a lot but migrated to Jinbeh, the quality of the sushi seemed a bit better to us there although we still pop in at Japon now and again. Very seldom though do we sit at the hibachi tables, just seen the show a few times and have no desire to see it again, prefer the quiet of a table or booth.

                                  Thanks for heads up on 2 Brothers, always looking for places like that. Do they have chicken and dumplings? One of my favorite comfort foods!
                                  Edit: just checked out the II Brothers Bar and Grill Website, looks good, will definitely have to check it out.

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                                    It is absolutely cheesy and I am embarrassed to eat there now, but like all good chains, the quality is very consistent.

                              2. I went to Platia and it is a great place, just wonderful Greek cuisine. For Mexican food, I prefer La Hacienda. The Dive on Preston Rd is one of my favorites. It has wonderful shrimp. I am also a fan of Gloria's. I also like Irish Rover and Down and Under Pub. Dodie's has really good oysters rockefeller. I was pleasantly surprised that the food is so good at Twin Peaks. I also like Freddy's Frozen custard, both their burgers and ice cream. Double Dip Custard also is very good. For sushi, I love Kotta Sushi Lounge. I have not been to all the restaurants in Frisco and there are still several I would like to try. I have not found a good Chinese place in Frisco, yet. I know Tasty Garden will be opening soon. Does anyone know of any really good Chinese restaurants in Frisco?

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                                  I would suggest Potstickers and Bobba tea. It's a small place up north. It's likely the best potstickers in DFW.


                                2. Tasty Garden is a favorite of mine now. They serve the very best chinese food. The portions are large and the price is reasonable. The staff is very nice also. I have been here many times.

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                                    Just wanting to quantify. Have you been to JS Chen or North China or any of the restaurants in china town center?

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                                      No, I have not been to North China or J S Chen. Where is china town center. I live in Prosper, so anything south of Frisco is a little off my beaten path. Once in a while, I do go to Plano, so I will put those two on my list to try. I lived in Plano for 25 years, but moved away about 8 years ago. I especially like hot and spicy asian dishes. Thanks,

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                                        The Chinatown center is in Richardson on Greenville Avenue between Main Street and Arapaho.
                                        Try Jeng Chi. It's my personal Taiwanese favorite dumpling house.

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                                          I would second Jeng Chi very good dumplings. Another great option is Noodle House in Plano on Park & Coit NW corner facing park. Great dumplings, soups, and to go ingredients.

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                                          China Town is in Richardson at 400 North Greenville Avenue Richardson, TX 75081‎ north of Beltline on Greenville.

                                          North China is in Plano at Parker & Independence.

                                          Another center is on Legacy & 75 in Plano. This is where JS Chen is. This center also has A Tiawan restaurant, Little Sheep hot pot and a nice food court on the west side of the center. The food court has many good options.

                                          If you like hot and spicy there are several really good options:
                                          Best: http://www.royal-sichuan.com/. This is in Richardson in china town center.
                                          Good: Sichuanese in Plano http://sichuaneserestaurant.com/
                                          Good: http://www.littlesichuancuisine.com/

                                          1. re: irodguy

                                            Thanks! I do get to Plano weekly. I rarely go to Richardson, but will keep it in mind if I am in the area.

                                    2. Well, this is an update. Unfortunately, Freddie's Frozen Custard in Frisco is now closed. I have found a new excellent place for ice cream or yogurt fix. It's called Alpine Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream and the owner is very friendly. Down Under Pub also closed. I really like Kenny's Burger Joint and still love Platia's. I still like Kotta Sushi Lounge but have also added Sakana as a favorite. For Mexican food, I still like La Hacienda. I don't have a favorite Italian place since I have not been to an italian restaurant recently. I like the Irish Rover (still) There are a lot of new places I would like to try. Has anyone been to Blue's Pub, the Lemon Bar or Grover's?

                                      1. We recently tried one two one and were very impressed with food, service and atmosphere.

                                        For Italian in Frisco we like Givoanni's.

                                        We also recently discovered Thai Green Village and its a new favorite of ours. We no longer drive to Plano for Thai. We found the other Thai places in Frisco seriously lacking. The owners are very nice too.

                                        We tried Alpine and were not impressed. The smell from the nail salon next door permeates the place, you can't see the toppings and neither of my kids liked the yogurt. The only place we have found worth going to for yogurt in Frisco is Yummilicious.

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                                          I went to Giovanni's a long time ago and liked it. It's hard to get my family to eat Italian food, so we don't go out for Italian very often. I would like to go back there. I have not been to Thai Green Village but have heard it is very good. My daughter and I went to Simply Thai and it was good. I do not care for Yummilicious. Alpine has ice cream too and they have the only yogurt in Frisco that I care for. I have been to all the yogurt shops except Berri Luscious and Favorite Yogurt.

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                                            I haven't tried Simply Thai yet. I'm excited about NOLA Bar and Grill the new cajun place opening in Frisco Square. I also have heard really good things about Bull Asian also in the Frisco Square. Also saw that Norma's (one of our favorites) is opening in April. I get excited about anything that is not hamburgers or pizza! Wow, you have made the rounds on the yogurt shops. I found Yummilicious so I haven't gone to any others. I miss Orange Cup in the mall, we liked them a lot. Our other favorite is Red Mango at the Shops of Legacy. I'll have to give Alpine another shot. Maybe we got the wrong thing.

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                                              Alpine really tastes like ice cream. I guess I really just don't like yogurt much plus I like to have mine made and served. I'm not too good at the self serve thing. I always get too much. I'm just not together enough to cut off those machines. I never did get to try orange cup. Will have to try Red Mango when I am in Plano.

                                              Simply Thai moved into the old Salt and Pepper location. At one time, this location was Nate's Chicken and before that I think it was Del's Lemonade. I hope Simply Thai has better luck there. It's small and I think the chef was previously at some high class place. I have not been to Bull Asian but have noticed all the rave reviews. Frisco really needs a good cajun place, so glad about Nola's coming. Frisco also needs some good home cooking places. As I recall, Norma's is home cooking, isn't it? I do love hamburgers and I saw that Jake's is coming. I grew up on Keller's hamburgers and I have heard that Jake's is a spinoff from Keller's. I love the poppy seed buns they have. Keller's was strictly carhops back in the fifties when I was growing up. I have never seen a Jake's that had carhops. Some lady on yelp complained about the way the girls were dressed at the Jake's in Addison. I don't care about the dress as long as it is a sanitary place. Do you know where Norma's will be located.

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                                                I'm the exact opposite the more it tastes like yogurt and is pure I like it better. You might not like Red Mango, theirs tastes a lot more like real yogurt than yummilicious.

                                                Norma's is home cooking. In addition to the regular menu, they have daily specials like chicken and dumplings and fried fish. We love their pies too. Here is the article on the Frisco one:
                                                It's going in on Preston in the same shopping center as Target. I'm wondering if maybe they will take the Master Grill spot.

                                                I'm not sure if I have ever been to Jake's. I don't recall ever thinking if was anything unsavory though! Keller's is a fun place. We used to live in East Dallas and eat there every now and then. For me the best burger in Frisco is Smashburger.

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                                                  The last time I had a Jake's burger, it tasted pretty much like Keller's. I do like Smashburger. Heck, I even like Dairy Queen and Sonic. I like an old fashioned burger with lettuce, tomato, onion mustard and pickles. I went to Kenny's and it was good, but large. Only place I can think of I haven't tried around here is Five Guys. I am excited about Norma's. I can't think of a good place in Frisco for food like Norma's. Wish we had a first class seafood place coming.

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                                            I have bad news. Alpine Yogurt as well as Yummilicious are now closed. I did notice that Orange Leaf is now at Lebanon and Legacy. I'm not sure it is actually open yet. Has anyone tried it? I used to go to Double Dip Custard quite a while ago. As I recall, it was very good. Also, there is a new place called Fruitealicious. Anyone tried it?

                                            I did go with my daughter to Green Village Thai and we both thought it was very good.

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                                              Oh no, I'm bummed about Yummilicious. I didn't realize they had closed. Now I have to go to Plano for my avocado yogurt fix. We have been going to Berrylicious and really like it. I haven't tried Orange Leaf yet. I'm not surprised about Alpine.

                                              We just tried Three Squares for brunch and were really impressed, although it was a bit pricey in my opinion.

                                              I think the very best restaurant in Frisco right now is Crudo. We have had 2 absolutely stellar meals there. It leaves me hope for the Frisco food scene.

                                              1. re: foodie06

                                                Crudo's is on my list to try. Guess I will put Three Squares on the list to try, but I wish it was not pricy. Have you tried the new ice cream place near Main & the tollroad?

                                                We tried The Egg and I a couple of days ago. My husband enjoyed his omelet, but we both thought my reuben sandwich was pretty small for the price. They did not have much business at lunch. We also went up to Celina for the breakfast buffet at Lucy's (on the weekend). My husband thought it was too expensive for breakfast or lunch at $10.99, but the food was pretty good.

                                          3. We tried the Frisco Cafe recently and thought it was pretty good, our waiter said they get their meet and produce locally. Can't wait to try Three stacks...I've heard good things. For Mexican, Salsa is good they have a big menu. One2One Restaurant is still our favorite to find really great food and something for the whole fam.

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                                            1. re: hungrygirl78

                                              Where is the Frisco Cafe? I like Salsa. One2One is on mylist to try.

                                              1. re: minkgirl

                                                My mistake I meant Frisco City Grill, it's family owned which I like to support. Definitely try One2One...also family owned and we think the best restaurant in Frisco area.

                                                1. re: hungrygirl78

                                                  I, too, like to support family owned. I have not been to Frisco City Grill, yet, but plan to go. I will put One2One on my list. Thanks.

                                                  1. re: hungrygirl78

                                                    Hey hungrygirl78, do you write restaurant reviews. I write reviews on Yelp, Tripadvisor and Urbanspoon. It's a good way to help out the restaurants you like.

                                                    1. re: hungrygirl78

                                                      Do you know if the Frisco City Grill is closed? I went by there and it looked closed. I tried the number and it was disconnected.

                                                2. Has anyone been to the new barbecue restaurant in Frisco called 3 Stax Smokehouse?? I am looking for a place to take out of town guests. Thx

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                                                    Been there once. BBQ is pretty good and the service is excellent. A good selection of beer.
                                                    The only problem is it is much more expensive that ordinary BBQ. We had $45 for two people with only a single drink.

                                                  2. Thanks!!! We don't drink anymore, so hopefully the cokes aren't too pricey. Maybe we'll go there just once in a while

                                                    1. I highly recommend Bull Asian. We just tried it for the first time this weekend and it was outstanding. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable and the food was very fresh. We can't wait to go try some more things on the menu.

                                                      1. Yum Asian Fusion is wonderful!!! It's actually in Little Elm, but very close to the Frisco border. They have excellent Thai and Chinese food.

                                                        1. I just noticed that the II Brothers in Frisco has closed. Anyone know what is going in that location? I heard they already had leased it. Also, surprised to see that Dodie's is gone. I did like their oyster rockfellers. Has anyone tried the new Mama Fu's?

                                                          1. I just had dinner at Three Squares last night. The veggie burger, fried pickles and sweet potato fries were quite nice. My friend raved about both of the Asian Chicken Salad and the other crispy chicken salad (or whatever they called it). They also have (adult) milkshakes.

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                                                            1. re: Eileeeen

                                                              Three Squares is on my list to try. Thanks for your advice. The Asian Chicken Salad really sounds tasty!!!

                                                            2. I was taken to Estilo Gaucho for Mother's Day dinner. I thought it was just fabulous. All the meats I tried were great, especially the filet mignon. The salad bar was loaded with fresh veggies and salads. They also had some cured meats and cheese at the salad bar. Also, they had soups, but I did not try any. They bring creamy mashed potatoes to your table and fried bananas. I really liked the fried bananas. It's all you can eat for one price. If you like, you can just get the salad bar for a lesser price. In the rare event, you are still hungry after this, you can get dessert for an extra cost. They brought out creme brulee as a surprise for me from my daughter. I love creme brulee. It is expensive, but, oh so nice for those special times.

                                                              1. I was taken to Estilo Gaucho for Mother's Day. It is now my favorite restaurant in Frisco.