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Jul 8, 2009 09:20 PM

What are everyones favorite restaurants in Frisco?

What are everyones favorite restaurants in Frisco? Has anyone tried any new places they liked?

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  1. That is a big question. I had Rudy's the other day for the first time and liked it. I used to like the Terilli's off Preston but I am pretty sure they closed that location. There are obviously lots of choices, not a lot of non-chain restaurants or at least couple location restaurants. It just depends on what you are looking for. The Frisco location of Babe's always gets good reviews too.

    1. I live in Phoenix but visit Frisco to see relatives. There's a restaurant called The Abbey. It's in a renovated church in "downtown". I believe it's the Abbey or maybe the Monastery. Really good food and a great brunch on Sundays.

      1. Unfortunately, the Abbey closed earlier this year.

        We like these (non-chain) restaurants in Frisco:
        Chopan Grill - Afgan and Mediterranean, BYOB
        Sake Toro - Sushi
        Cafe Chez Moi - French/Continental Bistro, BYOB
        Best Thai - Thai food, not really a chain
        Isabella's - Italian
        Giovanni's - Italian, we like the pizza and the specials, but I've not been overly impressed with other regular menu items.

        Other places we like but I wouldn't say we're regulars:
        Randy's Steakhouse - steak <grin>
        Fortuna Grill - Italian, BYOB but $10 corkage
        Kotta - sushi (good fish but we prefer Sake Toro in general).

        I like Rudy's too, but haven't made it to the one in Frisco yet; I like it mostly for the sauce however. Bummer about Terilli's; I hadn't noticed they closed.

        We also eat at Snookies and Scotty P's.

        I can expand on why we like various places if you'd like.

        Hope this helps.

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          I second Sake Toro! :) Lots of interesting sushi rolls!

          1. Even though its a local chain, my family and I love Brooklyn's (Lebanon & Legacy) pizza. Its not artisanal, like Fireside Pies (close to Frisco at Shops at Legacy in N. Plano), but good, solid NY style pizza. You can get it by the slice, and they really pile on the toppings.

            Another local chain, that I am sure has been written about alot on Chow is Mooyah Burgers. There are two in Frisco, one at Eldorado and 423, the other on Preston. Good burgers, nothing fancy, similar to In N' Out.

            We enjoy Best Thai quite a bit. Their fried dumplings are always excellent.

            5th Street Patio Café, just south of downtown Frisco on 5th street is a good, "ladies who lunch" kind of place.

            I have never been, but have heard many good things about Bonnie Ruth's in Shops at Starwood. TruFire in the same shopping center has been very good the two times we have been. They have a dish called The Crock, or something similar, and it is a pasta with roasted broccoli in a light cream sauce. Excellent.

            Babe's is great, and a great place to take out of state guests. It screams "TEXAS", and was rated by Southern Living, I believe, as the best fried chicken in the country a couple of years ago. If you dont know about it, the main dishes are all chicken derivatives (fried, grilled, smoked), along with catfish, and pot roast, I think. The veggie sides (mashed potatoes, creamed corn, green beans, simple lettuce salad with vinegarette) are served family style, and can be refilled unlimitedly. Its also byob, and you will see folks bringing in small coolers, which is kinda funny in hoity toity Phrisceaux.

            1. I like Randy White's BBQ just north of Preston/Main. Great cornbread and rolls...and BBQ better than Dickey's for sure.

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                Funny...I thought it was pretty close to horrible.