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Jul 8, 2009 09:08 PM

Possible Paleta shop in N. Sonoma (town)

Michoacan Ice Cream coming soon!

New sign on old store front on Highway 12 across from the produce market.

Can it be?

They are promising natural ice cream.

Wouldn't it be lovely to eat fresh fruit paletas on hot summer nights?

Will write more when I know more.

Others, please let us know what's up.

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  1. Sign has been up for weeks now, maybe even months. However I did see some people going in and out the other day.
    The local rag said they might be having some kind of brand/name dispute since Michoacan is the brand for the stuff sold from those little handheld carts
    I drive by there several times a week and can't wait to see if it actually opens . Will post if and when it does

    1. It's open, and it is wonderful. Lots of choices, everything absolutely fresh, the store itself colorful and board isn't up, but Terri (Teresita) Carr will have menu and explanations for those not familiar with the fruit and ice cream bars available shortly. Already very busy. Park in the lot across Thomson, or better yet, walk up. Ignore all the road work! It's worth it: bionicos, paletas, scoops, yogurt, custom milkshakes. 18495 Highway 12, next to Plain Jane's. Hours not firm yet, but probably 11 am to 8:30 pm.

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      1. re: chachamalone

        First reviews came in yesterday -

        I'll try to get there tomorrow & report back.

        My standards are pretty high, back in the early 80's I lived near 24th & Mission in SF and enjoyed the paletaria there.

        Hope this is the start of another era.

        1. re: Columba

          Will be interesting to hear what you think. I'm a newbie to the paletaria--and bionicos, etc.--and I'm not a professional food person, just someone who revels in the good and the better. And despise fooderies whose substance has outlived product and service.

        2. re: chachamalone

          >>> bionicos, paletas, scoops, yogurt, custom milkshakes

          and mangonadas

          1. re: rworange

            Thanks for adding mangonadas...I missed that though they told me they have them.

        3. Made it today. Over 95 degrees and we had a few rain showers - perfect food for heat & humidity.

          Wish I could say I ate everything. There were four cases - two with ice cream, one with drinks and one with paletas. I chose the watermelon paleta and was very happy with taste, texture and temperature. Frozen watermelon with chunks of fruit. $1.50

          The owner said they made almost everything (at least 20 choices) in that case from fresh fruit combined with a little sugar and some water. You can ask and choose what's in-season. She said her grape is made from a mix, so it's worth asking.

          I didn't notice any menu or even labels on cases yet, though a school age boy was writing out a list of flavors in pencil on binder paper. Very sweet.

          Happy to enjoy another era of delicious Mexican frozen desserts. And in my new neighborhood too. Life is good.

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          1. re: Columba

            New Nabe? Have you tried the Mexican joint that says they sell Yucatecan food? Also, on the same side of the street but a little way down is something that just looks like a house but has a banner on it "Sabor Latino". Any info on that?

            1. re: rworange

              Hi rworange - The banner that says "Sabor Latino" refers to a Latin musical group in Sonoma. They will be playing cumbia on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at La Casa Restaurant & Cantina, 121 E. Spain Street, Sonoma. Music starts at 6:30 p.m. Come by for margaritas and salsa. Spicy food - spicy music!

              La Casa Restaurant & Bar
              121 E Spain St, Sonoma, CA 95476

            2. re: Columba

              That was one of Teresita Carr's (owner) boys, or nephew, I think.

              Every time I've been by it's been packed, I'm happy to say. I'm headed over tomorrow. Article about them in the Index-Tribune last Friday. I think it's the grape and cherry American style popsicles that are the only mix flavors.

              1. re: chachamalone

                I had their pink pinenut ice cream and it was quite yummy

                1. re: noshie

                  kr tasted this and liked it quite a bit. We asked where the pink color comes from and were told that's the natural shade.

            3. Here's a photo of Michoacana's storefront,

              kare_raisu and I stopped by on Sunday after our day in Napa. When he walked in, kr said it looked just like an ice cream shop in Tijuana. After tasting the ice cream, he said the flavors were bettter here. kr's become much more fluent in Spanish since leaving us, and he chatted with the owner who modeled it after the chain in Cuernavaca where he grew up.

              I tasted the cajeta ice cream and liked it quite a bit. Very clean flavors, not too heavy with butterfat, moderately sweet. I had a vanilla and strawberry paleta. kr insisted that I try his mamey paleta (made with milk) and we agreed that it was the best anything made with mamey we'd ever tasted. Just enough richness from the milk. We each got aguas frescas as well. I tried kr's horchata and recommend it. I got a fruta mixta (mixed fruit) to go. Reminded me of strawberry quick full of chopped apples, which tasted better than that sounds.

              Can't wait to go back!

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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Finally made it to Michoacana yesterday! It was cold and starting to rain, not exactly ice cream weather, but we still loved was doing a steady business, which was nice to see. Ice cream seemed less daunting than paletas given the cold outside, so will have to go back to try paletas, but all the flavors of helado that we tried were winners. The cajeta was nice, although I had it with the Chongos and I think the latter overwhelmed it just a bit: cajeta taste was very mild; I'd have preferred a bit more depth. Chongos was the perfect holiday flavor, spicy, not too sweet.

                Hubby's pistachio was also quite good, but the real hit was the cappuccino/almond that my stepmom ordered. Stepmom will always choose a coffee flavored ice cream if it is available, and we were blown away: one of the best cappuccino flavors I can remember having in, well, quite a long time. Very deep, rich coffee flavor and not at all sweet. Wow.

                I regret not making room to also try the mango/pinon ice cream; will have next time, but we were on our way to dinner and I was trying to be reasonable. However, on a warm day it would be easy to go a bit nuts here.

                Flavors are now listed on the wall and most (but not all) are translated.

                Definitely will be a regular stop on future trips to visit the Sonoma clan!

                1. re: susancinsf

                  mango/pinon? Sounds like its time for a trip to Sonoma...:-)

              2. Address:
                18495 Highway 12
                Sonoma, CA 95476


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                1. re: Columba

                  is it as good as the one in vallejo california just wanted to know because i live in sf

                  1. re: many707ahah

                    Better. If I had one to choose it would be the one in Sonoma

                    Have you been to the paleta shop in South San Francisco, Puddle of the Frogs?

                    While I still feel they are number 3 out of the three local paleta shops, on my last visit I thought they were hugely better than when they first opened.