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Jul 8, 2009 08:57 PM

Pizza delivery to Standard Hotel Sunset Blvd

Hi everyone,
I'll be staying at the Standard on Sunset this Saturday and I'm looking for recommendations for pizza delivery to the hotel. I'm sure there's a nearby Domino's or Pizza Hut, but looking for something a little bit better. Any ideas? Yes, yes, I know there are so many fabulous restaurants in the area, but I'm going to the 80's prom party at the House of Blues that night and we're having a "grown up" pre-prom party complete with pizza and beer in plastic cups!

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  1. Vito's on LaCienega. Hands down the best pizza in town and they do deliver to your hotel.

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      1. Not to pull you into the local fray...but if you search the board you'll find that there is a virtual war in L.A. pitting Vito's against Joe's of Bleeker Street (same owner as the NY original).

        The L.A. Joe's is in Santa Monica, but as fate would have it they are about to open their second location, essentially across the street from your hotel.

        Rumors were that the opening might be this week, though as of this moment there has been no word of a go.

        Anyway, there is a chance that they'll be up and pie-ing by Saturday, in which case, cast my vote firmly for Joe's. I live around the corner from Vito's, but I'm not a fan.

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          P.S. In either case, you're gonna be paying more than double what the chains would cost you, in the area of $17/$18 for a large plain pie and upwards of $23/$26 or so with toppings. Not sure if that's a consideration at all.

          If you want something a little more reasonable, and a little more in line with your 80s beer-in-cups kind of pizza, you might consider Big Mama's & Papa's. They do a pretty decent job. And killer chicken wings.

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            I guess this week got away from them, he's saying Monday now. I dropped by and got to try a slice. A welcome addition to the neighborhood.

            1. re: ahuacatl

              eaterla is now saying the new Joe's will be open tomorrow. Perhaps you can have both Joe's and Vito's at your pre-prom party, Nat, and let us know which one you like better. (emoticon)

          2. If you're looking for super late night pizza (after Vito's and the rest close), give Damiano's on Fairfax a call.

            1. As others have suggested, you want Vitos.

              1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! We did indeed have Vito's and it was great! It was even good cold at the end of a long night.