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Jul 8, 2009 08:20 PM

Best Bakery in Midtown West or Chelsea for birthday cake

Now I am not getting the cake in Hoboken for anyone that's been following my nutty rants! ...since we'll be eating in the city want to get the cake in the city the morning of.

Best bakery then for a nice, simple birthday cake. I'm not looking for fancy - I saw the Little Red Hen (correct name?) had basic cake starting at $55. Is this a going price for cake? I need one for 12 people...

I would really love either a blackout type cake...or alternately a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream inside and chocolate frosting. Childish..but oh so good ;-)

Oh actually carrot cake with cream cheese frosting maybe...but without raisins-

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Try the Little Pie Company on West 43rd Street or Amy's Bread in the Chelsea Market.

    1. Damn, I think $55 for a basic cake is pretty outrageous. I would not pay that much. Remember, you can order a cake that the bakery says serves "8-10," and if you don't cut lumberjack-sized slices, you'll be more than fine.
      Look in to: Amy's Bread, Billy's Bakery, Big Booty Bread Co.

      1. It sounds like Billy's Bakery might have the type of simple, but classic, cakes you're looking for. And more importantly, no raisins in the carrot cake. I haven't had the cake at Amy's Bread, but the display at their Hell's Kitchen location looks very tempting.

        1. I recall having a wonderful cake with real buttercream frosting at an office party a year or so ago that came from Whole Foods. As I am normally very fussy about cake, I was really impressed by this one. Don't know if the Whole Foods in Chelsea has these, but it might be worthy a call.

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            Ok - looked at all of these. So far liking Billy's Bakery and Amy's. Unfortunately Billy's menu pdf is coming up funny on my computer. They will return from vacation tomorrow so I will probably call to inquire.
            I've had mixed experiences with Whole Foods so I am not sure what to do with that...we had a carrot cake from there one year that was incredible but then the next cake we got was "eh". But I'd consider it as I am very into buttercream!

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              $44 at Amy's Bread for a 9"...Without trying to sound naive, I didn't realize how expensive this might be. The cake I got for bf's birthday from WF was $25 I think, and that was a also a 9" I believe...
              Does cost equal quality in this case?

          2. Billy's Bakery. Definitely. It's much better than Amy's. My favorite old-fashioned chocolate cake is at Good Enough to Eat on Amsterdam and 84th. If you call a day in advance they'll make a cake for you. I don't know the price.

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              Thanks -I think it's going to be Billy's - I spoke with them - it will be $44 for the cake plus $20 delivery...I guess we could pick it up ourselves to bring to restaurant but i think we'll be too nuts!
              The only thing I'm worried about with Billy's is that a number of sites have said they make a lot of errors with custom orders. Does anyone have any experience/thoughts on this? This isn't a complicated order - a two layer round cake with some writing on top - pretty simple imo...