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Jul 8, 2009 08:02 PM

Looking for a good Italian Restaurant in Quebec City?

Having a wedding in Quebec this coming January and I am looking for a place that can hold 25 people for dinner. Looking for a Italian Restaurant in Quebec City! Any thoughts???:-)

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  1. As an Italian-Canadian living in the Quebec City area, I have desperately sought out the best.

    Portofino just off rue St-Jean - you won't be disappointed.

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      A nice italian would be or Conti Caffe in old town, nice atmosphere, good service and nice food. Il Theatro at D'Youville square pasta with also a nice selection of meat, La Cremaillere on Ste-Anne street, in the suburb Matto good food and trendy atmosphere a little less sophisticated. The best in my opinion would be Il Michelangelo in the suburb .... THE BEST!