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Jul 8, 2009 07:47 PM

RIP Stella d'Oro

A story on AOL reported that the Stella d'Oro factory in the Bronx will close this fall. Originating as a mom and pop company, it was sold to what became a series of conglomerates, the most recent group having instituted stringent cost-cutting which led to a worker's strike. The strikers were fired and replaced, but when a lawsuit verdict came down requiring the strikers to be rehired, it was announced that the factory would instead close. Some of their products are already made elsewhere and the name will not disappear completely, though apparently there will be a smaller variety. Same old story, but rueful nonetheless.

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  1. << “I miss the smell,” Antonella said. “My dad doesn’t smell like cookies anymore.” >>

    No pun intended ... but very poignant.

    Read here -->

    1. That's really sad to hear. When I was a newlywed and lived in Riverdale, I loved the sweet smells while I was waiting for the subway at 231st Street in the mornings. It's a shame that I'll never get to smell that lovely scent again.