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Jul 8, 2009 07:42 PM

Drive-Through Breakfasts on the Way to Work?

Pardon my ignorance (and I'm thinking this one is REALLY ignorant!). I've only had a car for about two months, and I'm a vegetarian so I don't do a lot of fast food.

When people go to the drive-through before work in the morning, when do they eat the food? In the car while they drive to work? That seems dangerous to me. When they get to work? That seems unprofessional to me... and wouldn't the food be cold by then? In the parking lot of the restaurant or their office? That seems oddly lonely to me. I don't get it! I'm teaching a summer school class and I'll be driving to work past a whole bunch of fast food places, and I know I'll be tempted, but I don't get the logistics of it!

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  1. I go to the drive-thru to purchase coffee which I bring to work (about 5 minutes away) and drink it while I check my e-mail and begin my day. I don't buy food, however, I've been known to bring a breakfast item from home ie: yogurt or some other easy to eat food without a pungent odor. I eat at my desk. My office is private and I don't feel it is unprofessional in any way. I certainly wouldn't eat an aromatic, drippy item or anything else for that matter if I was in the public eye.

    1. I am not sure what's unprofessional about eating at your desk, but then again I've worked at a lot of places that did not provide break areas with seating. If you wanted to bring something to eat at work in those places, you had no choice but to eat at your desk. I worked at one place where I would sometimes bring in an Egg McMuffin. The McDonald's was only a block from work so it was still hot when I got there. It may have a smell, but it's no different from someone bringing in McDonald's for lunch or a sub with onions. I typically got to that workplace before anyone else anyway, so I don't know that the smell really bothered anyone.

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        I don't think Jetgirly has hit the working world yet. Eating at the desk is just about a fact of life for most desk jockeys.

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          I'm a year out of grad school but have spent three years working full-time as a teacher (two years pre-grad school, one year post). As a teacher, I think it would be super rude to eat breakfast while you were teaching students. Nobody does that. Before teaching, when I worked for the government, everyone ate meals in the lunch room; desks were just for drinks and snacks.

          1. re: Jetgirly

            Not every office has a lunch room. Even when there is one, I haven't yet worked in an office where it wasn't the norm for people to eat at the desks at least some of the time. Especially breakfast. I know my boss would rather have me eating and working than running off to the lunch room and being unavailable.

            1. re: Sooeygun

              There are many days where there isn't enough time to eat away from the desk. You run out, pick up food or have it delivered and eat at your desk while working on a project. It's a fact of life in most offices.

            2. re: Jetgirly

              "super rude to eat breakfast while you were teaching"
              gee, who would'd thought?

              1. re: Jetgirly

                I don't think I've worked anywhere outside of a school with a full-fledged lunchroom. The best I've seen elsewhere is a small break room that has some appliances and a table or two; there isn't nearly enough room to accommodate everyone not going out for lunch. Even when I was in the schools, many teachers did not have planning periods and would eat lunch at their desks to get some work done. It was no big deal at all.

                  1. re: mollygirl

                    Students are at lunch and shouldn't be in the classrooms then, so I don't see how it's rude.

                1. re: Jetgirly

                  Aside from being rude, I would be surprised to find a good teacher with enough time to eat while teaching. Has anyone seen how much goes on in a classroom these days!? Not a good idea to eat while driving, nothing wrong with eating in your car if it's parked. Nothing messy so as to start your day at the office without stains on your clothing.

            3. Typically, they eat in the car if it's food that's designed to be eaten with out utensils, as much of it is. No more dangerous than drinking coffee in your car....

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                Or talking on your phone. I've eaten about a gazillion McD's sausage biscuits or double cheeseburgers driving the 400 miles between Lake Tahoe and Southern Oregon. My 1997 Honda CR-V has a little *hole* in the dash that holds fries just perfectly :)

              2. When I first worked in Manhattan (I know it isn't a "drive thru") I was amazed that everyone seemed to bring b-fast to the office and eat at their desks. I so got into that habit!!! I remember hearing one of my co-workers say "if you want her to do something for you - wait until she's done her toast and coffee". I wondered who they were talking about - me lol!!!! Best hangover food was Chock Full of Nuts bacon egg and cheese!!!

                1. I do the breakfast drive thru about once a month. I have a soft spot for the small McD's burrito. I eat it when I get to my office at my desk. It's plenty hot.