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Jul 8, 2009 06:50 PM

Wrap Delight: keep walking up the street

I should have kept walking up to Saigon Sandwich, but I was in a hurry and it's been long enough since I've gone to Wrap Delight that I forgot why I shouldn't have bothered.

No daikon radish in the pickle mix. There are times when just carrots are appropriate (such as a confined space like an airplane), but otherwise I insist on the slight funk and contrasting texture.

I ordered a combination steamed pork and pate. The pork roll was cut into thick slices by hand and placed in a way that prevented the meat from compacting in. That made it impossible to get the vegetables to burrow in without disassembling the whole thing. Only a slight smear of pate was added so it was essentially just a steamed pork banh mi.

The worst thing was the cilantro. I had to pick it out and the surrounding carrots because much of it had that dark green slime that the herb dissolves into.

Sadly, I would rather have had even a bahn mi from Lee's Sandwiches.

Saigon Sandwich Shop
560 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Wrap Delight
426 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. Thanks for this. I used to really like Wrap Delight but haven't been in ages. Now I won't have to go back.

    And the reason I haven't been in ages? I feel like Lee's has actually improved since it first opened. Maybe it's my imagination but they seem to be more generous with meats, whereas when they first opened they were stingy compared to Southern California Lee's branches. They are my alternative when I don't want quite as much pate as Saigon Sandwiches uses. I also think Lee's tastes better cold than Saigon, so it's what I take on planes.

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    1. re: Pei

      While I did damn Lee's with faint praise, the one time I ate there the sandwich was fine although I'm not a fan of the bread.

      A few years agos I had jury duty at the Alameda county courthouse in Hayward and the Lee's there was still under construction. Compared to the other choices within walking distance, I would have gladly eaten at Lee's.

    2. Wrap Delight has always been a reliable backup when the line was too long at Saigon Sandwich, but this week I had a chicken sandwich that was dried out and tough and really not good. I also noticed (comparing to the photo on the web) that there's a sign covering "Wrap Delight" that now says "Vietnamese Sandwiches". So maybe it is under new ownership and not for the better.

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      1. re: otis

        I got a BBQ sandwich on Monday at WD and didn't notice any adverse differences. The cilantro was fresh and the meat was not dry or tough. Perhaps different days get fresher ingredients.

        Also, it was the same lady owner who was manning the shop this week so it doesn't look like an ownership change. The name of her place was always Vietnam (or Vietnamese) Sandwiches and the Wrap Delight sign was some other business long ago and the sign was never changed.