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Jul 8, 2009 06:15 PM

Best Tamarind paste in Toronto

Wondering if anyone can recommend a good brand of tamarind paste they've tried, and best place
to buy it in Toronto?

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  1. Tamicon brand from T&T supermarket Mississauga worked out alright for me.

    1. tamicon is really good, you get it at any indian grocery store

      1. I'm curious about the consistency of this paste. In the past, I've purchased tamarind "paste" that was more like a compressed brick of tamarind, which required soaking in water and pressing through a sieve in order to filter out the hard seeds. It's a little labour intensive, so I'm hoping to find a version that's already in a pasty consistency. Can anyone comment on whether Tamicon meets this criteria?


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          You can buy a Tamarind concentrate is a small screw-top bottle. This is usually from Thailand (I forget the brand name). It is a useful thing to have around and can work as a substitute for the usual brick/soak/press-through-sieve routine. Reduce other liquids and add a bit extra of the tamarind -- note that sometimes the concentrate can have quite a bit of added salt in it and taste different to the straight brick of pulp.

          There is also a dark, molasses-like concentrate available from Indian grocers. It is acrid and often burnt-tasting and I can't quite figure out what to do with it.