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Jul 8, 2009 06:06 PM

Sunnyside Pavillion/Cafe

Has anyone eaten here? Either a the cafe or at an event? Opinions please...

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  1. the past 2 years they have had great frozen drinks and really good nachos, this year i am a bit disappointed- but i went at the start of the season and the bank machines wasn't operational i had to modify my purchases based on the cash in my pocket...the view is brilliant and very relaxing...enjoy

    1. I went to a party there a few years ago in the summer. It was great. They set up a sultan's tent on the beach and had an open bar... great times. I'd imagine it was quite pricey though...
      The cafe is ok. I've had a burger there before. I like the outdoor/beach atmosphere... but I think that there might be a garbage dump site nearby this summer. Not sure though.

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        There is - it's not too close though, maybe 5minute walk away...
        I smell their breakfast (bacon : ) in the morning when i bike by, and have been behind and checked out the menu but never ate... It looked not that great (pizza, burger, etc) but that doesn't mean the food is bad... beerwise i believe they have the usual bottled domestics (and maybe a corona and a heini) ... FYI - there is another patio up the hill at the legion anyone can hit and it's pretty damn awesome, and maybe after one too many you can trade war stories with some of the old boys ; )