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Jul 8, 2009 05:51 PM

Road Trip Suggestions - Saint Louis MO to Chicago IL

Hi All! I would love to have some input. My brother and Dad are about to embark on a semi-cross country road trip starting in NYC (with many stops along the way).

Any suggestions for the nineteenth leg of their trip from Saint Louis MO back toward Chicago IL? They are open to anything and are going to be spending a couple days in Chicago. They are traveling by way of I 55N and 39N.

They are adventurous eaters who like local mom & pop places and regional foods.

The next leg of the trip is from Chicago IL toward NJ to so if you have suggestions for that keep an eye out for the post on that board :) Thanks so much!!

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    1. For an artery clogging piece of old Route 66 (now I-55) history I'd suggest a stop at Cozy Dog where the corn dog was not invented, but was perfected.

      Another stop your cardiologist would frown upon is Jungle Jim's Cafe for biscuits and gravy or Springfield’s famed “Horseshoe Sandwich”—toast on a warm platter, meat over the toast smothered with cheese sauce and French fries.

      Cozy Dog Drive In
      2935 So. Sixth Street
      Springfield, IL 62703

      Jungle Jim’s Cafe
      1923 Peoria Road, Springfield ILllinois
      phone: 217-789-6173
      Hours: Open daily 6 am - 2 pm.


        It's in Romeoville off of I-55 - and I LOVE it. Their chicken is excellent, and their hush puppies are fantastic! It's just good food and they should be passing right by it.

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          ditto this recommendation, we drive over an hour to get there, just for the fantastic chicken and sides. Oh sooo good.

        2. The Blue Springs Cafe - just east of St. Louis on I-70. It's my "do not miss" suggestion.

          1. We stopped twice recently at the Bluestem Bake Shop in Elkhart, Illinois (Exit 115off I55, which is fifteen minutes north of Springfield Illinois. For lunch we had the special roasted asparagus tart with pinenuts and cheese and the potato and cheese pie both with side salads. The biscotti and granola were great too. Anyway I would highly recommend this place.They use local ingredients and the service was very friendly. Its about ten minutes off I55 and the are open Tuesday to Sunday 8 to 4. There is also a tearoom across the street which looked good too but time wise we choose the BlueStem.

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              Thanks for that info-We have enjoyed the Blucat in Williamsville just south of Elkhart on 55 but always on the lookout for good home made eats.

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                Thank you very much for this suggestion! Bluestern Bake Shop was amazing. The locaiton was convenient and the food was delicious. It was a lovely spot to stop and grab a bite, sit down and relax for a bit before getting back on the road. Once again, Chowhound delivered exactly what I was looking for! Thanks again.