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Jul 8, 2009 05:48 PM

Breadmaker recommendations / problems

I pulled out the old breadmaker to make pizza dough just now. I never use it for bread, because the bread is too crusty and hard.

I wonder why it never works well for baking? Could it be a thermostat problem (I've tried all the settings)? Or insulation? Venting too much/too little? Too low humidity in the air? Bad recipes?

Are there any breadmakers that actually make a decent loaf? This one is old enough that I could probably replace it in good conscience.

Why is it always better to make the dough in the breadmaker, than bake the bread in the oven? What is wrong with breadmakers? Do I just need a new model?


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  1. I tend to use mine about once every other week for doughs. I bake some breads in it, but I don't like the shape of my bread machine's baking component. Not too hard or crusty, just the shape.

    1. I did a little bit of on-line and in-person shopping today, discovered that some of the Black and Decker ones have bad reviews, while the "convection" feature of one of the Cuisinart ones seems to help with crust consistency. Hmm.