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Jul 8, 2009 05:46 PM

Road Trip Suggestions - Fort Leonard Wood MO to Saint Louis MO

Hi All! I would love to have some input. My brother and Dad are about to embark on a semi-cross country road trip starting in NYC (with many stops along the way).

Any suggestions for the fifteenth leg of their trip from Fort Leonard Wood MO to Saint Louis MO ? They are open to anything. They are traveling by way of I 44E .

They are adventurous eaters who like local mom & pop places and regional foods.

The next leg of the trip is from Saint Louis MO back toward Chicago IL to so if you have suggestions for that keep an eye out for the post on that board :) Thanks so much!!

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  1. In Valley Park MO, take the Missouri 141 exit north. When the road starts to go up the hill, exit at the traffic light for Meramec Station Road. Continuing up the hill, you will come upon a neon-lighted landmark: Fritz's frozen custard, straight out of a 1950's movie. Order a small concrete. My favorite is mint with morsels.

    1. I would definitely stop in St Clair at the Lewis Cafe. Old time Mom and Pop and they raise their own beef and make their own sausage. Great freshly made pies. There is also a pie shop in Rolla, that is often recommended, but I haven't been there YET.

      1. If they take a slight side trip to Hermann, MO, Time for Pie is well worth a stop. We sampled homemade, hot from the oven, blackberry, peach, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. All were excellent! I would be surprised if the ice cream weren't homemade as well.

        There's lots of wineries in Hermann too, but my parents and husband really enjoyed the brewery. I don't drink beer but the building is really cool. We thought Stone Hill Winery was very commercialized, but we had a good time at Adam Puchta. I haven't been to any others.

        Time For Pie
        138 E 4th St, Hermann, MO

        Adam Puchta Winery
        1947 Frene Creek Rd, Hermann, MO

        Stone Hill Winery
        1110 Stone Hill Hwy, Hermann, MO 65041