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Jul 8, 2009 05:32 PM

Help! Alone in Moscow, with co-workers in Ekaterinburg


I have relied on the inspiration of my Chowhound friends and colleagues to prep for many previous trips, and I have found the guidance from this group of people to be truly exceptional. But this time, I've got one I'm not sure if there's any solving!

I've got a 2-week trip upcoming to Russia. It's a week-and-a-half trip to Ekaterinburg (also sometimes spelled Yekaterinburg) and I've added 3 days on to Moscow by myself for sightseeing. The issue is that I have no idea where to dine. Specifically:

In Ekaterinburg, I'm looking for interesting dinner places (and maybe a couple of lunch places) that don't cater exclusively to tourists (if there are any there!) and have at least decent food quality. Nothing that will break the bank, but some good and reliable choices. To save my life I can't find a single post on this million-plus population town on Chowhound!

In Moscow, I'm looking for authenticity, but even more than this I'm looking for good dining options for a solo (male) traveler. I don't mind venturing into the neighborhoods with a phrase guide but a place where the staff speaks SOME English certainly would be appreciated. I'm just trying to find a way to absorb some food culture while I am there and not get lulled into something that's touristy because it's easy. I'm staying at the Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel but would be willing to take the Metro if it's worth it.

Can anyone help? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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  1. Probably too late on this (I was in Russia when you posted the initial request)...

    Ekaterinburg wasn't very touristy at all -- at least from what I saw in a 2 1/2 day stop. The restaurants we tried we just okay... nothing worth going back to. The challenge here is communication. Don't assume you'll get much help with English translation... the locals were friendly but there weren't many English speakers around.

    In Moscow, the best meal I had was at Cafe Pushkin, and it was a bit pricey (then again most everything in Moscow is pricey). The food and experience were great so I'd go back. Also went to a good Georgian place in the Arbat neighborhood but don't recall the name.