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Jul 8, 2009 05:26 PM

Road Trip Suggestions - Denver CO to Colorado Springs CO

Hi All! I would love to have some input. My brother and Dad are about to embark on a semi-cross country road trip starting in NYC and ending in Wichita, KS (with many stops along the way).

Any suggestions for the ninth leg of their trip from Denver CO to Colorado Springs CO (I know this is an incredibly short leg)? They are open to anything. They are traveling by way of US 87S.

They are adventurous eaters who like local mom & pop places and regional foods.

The next leg of the trip is from Colorado Springs CO to Wichita KS so if you have suggestions for that keep an eye out for the post on that board :) Thanks so much!!

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  1. I'm not sure why this just popped up on the board, because it's old, but here goes anyway. I believe that US 87 is also I-25 -- not a seprate road/highway. Castle Rock is a little closer to Denver than to Colo Springs. There's a huge outlet mall and the requisite chain restaurants right off the Interstate. Two places recommended for Mexican by folks in the know: Guadalajara and Yolanda's Tacos, the latter owned by a gringo but uses recipes purportedly from an old lady from Jalisco. The Old Stone Church is a well regarded modern American restaurant -- hardly mom and pop in ambiance, however.

    Yolanda's Tacos
    204 Wilcox St, Castle Rock, CO 80104

    Old Stone Church Restaurant
    210 3rd St, Castle Rock, CO 80104

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      So yeah, this posting to the old thread that popped up out of nowhere is what got us to try Yolanda's on the way back from Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak. My husband got nachos with beef barbacoa and I got two guac tostadas, one with beef barbacoa and the other with pork carnitas. The prices were reasonable for what you got, the service was kind and helpful, and the ambiance was perfectly serviceable (I wasn't looking for romance, afterall :). I thought both meats were wonderfully tender and flavorful. I forgot to ask for no cilantro on my tostadas but thankfully it wasn't overwhelming (I don't like it, tastes like soap to me). My husband thought the queso on his nachos was a little bland, but the beef and serranos were plenty flavorful and spicy. Overall it was worth the price and we'd go back again. :)