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Jul 8, 2009 05:26 PM

La Grande Orange in Santa Monica

what do you guys think? just heard about the place? are the poblano chile and cheddar burgers any good? what about the turkey meatloaf> and what about the dixie fried chicken (supposedly inspired by edna lewis0?


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  1. The burger is decent, though hardly the best around--and they don't melt the cheese for some reason (shreds on top instead). The Dixie chicken is pan-fried and not very crispy nor all that good.

    1. the cheese on the burger is grated..I guess they are trying to be different but the cheese just overwhelms the flavor of the meat (which is high quality) The cheese stays with you throughout because its not has a lot of it's stronger flavor. I wouldn't order the burger again because of that.

      the braised pork shoulder in apricot glaze is excellent but when i ordered it it didn't come with a starch which is badly needed...some kind of rice or potato would make it awesome.

      1. I just went and ordered exactly that, the cheddar and poblano chile burger. I thought it was great, and did not find the flavor of the meat overwhelmed at all by the cheese. I ate mine with a side salad rather than french fries, so cannot comment on les frites. Not the best burger in town, but I much preferred it to Father's Office sugar-burger.

        1. I really liked the swordfish tacos.

          1. The chile burger is excellent. Great meat. Cooked as I ordered. The shredded cheese actually melts just right for me. Perhaps I was lucky, but nobody at my table was complaining or even talking for that matter because their mouths were constantly full. Fries were very good, some of the better I have had.