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Jul 8, 2009 05:12 PM

Cajun Corner? Still open?

After a change in ownership a few months ago, the place appears to have been closed each time I've driven by in the last few weeks it has been closed during posted opening hours. Has anyone been, or do they know if this is a retool? There doesn't appear to be any sort of landlord's notice on the door.

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  1. I always thought the move was a bad one.

    The website doesn't offer any information but seems to be the same as before.


    1. I've had the same issue (after calling ahead and getting no answer).

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      1. re: julesrules

        It was open a couple of weeks ago when I drove by.
        It's closed Mondays - I think I went by on a Thursday.

        1. re: estufarian

          Just out of curiousity, I called CC at 12:50 pm and after many rings, got the message " The mailbox belong to Cajun Corner is full"

          Well you can have a full mailbox but I bet the restaurant isn't full. It's probably closed for good now.

      2. it was open a few weeks ago, I went by and there were people in the place.

        I hope so, I like the place.
        I would suggest you try to email them and see if they reply.

        however, I sometime have found the place closed when it is suppose to be opened.

        1. I drive down Laird all of the time.
          and while my reply certainly isn't scientific - I can't tell you the exact time or days I've driven by - I have not seen the place open in recent memory.
          and I recall driving by on a Thursday eve at 8ish? maybe closer to 9? and it was definitely closed.

          1. It was closed today (a Saturday) - during the posted opening time..
            Just a closed sign on the window - inside looked very casual - half full bottles of liquor; some waste in bins.
            But no notices of closing on door - and only 1 piece of mail in mailbox