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Jul 8, 2009 04:56 PM

Gluten-free Challah

Hi. Anyone know where I can purchase kosher gluten-free challah in Manhattan or nearby? If not, how about kosher spelt challah?

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  1. try the Brooklyn-based GF bakery Everybody Eats...

    one important note, though...i'm not sure about their Kosher certification.

      1. there are g/f challah muffin for lechem mishne called kosher naturals-try supersol westside or kosher market place.fairway might also have it or u can ask them to order it.
        many store bakery dept now offer gluten free or spelt challah

              1. re: meateater

                There are those who need gluten-free things, and those who need wheat-free. Spelt works for the latter, but not the former.