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Jul 8, 2009 03:52 PM

seattle musts

in seattle for two night. any suggestions on must eats? staying at the Westin on sixth street in downtown. May hit up a mariners game tomorrow night, so might have only one night of eats. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

have gotten one recommendation of Palisades -- is this worth it?

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  1. You are close to all of the Tom Douglas restaurants - seach on the board to see what they've got to offer. Dahlia lounge is best known.

    Also close to pike place, which has a few good places - search on the board to see those, too.

    I also like Barolo, which isn't too far away either.

    There are lots of threads like this to gain pointers from.

    1. Top Pot doughnuts for breakfast, and if you can handle the line, Salumi for lunch.

      1. I've been to Palisades a couple times in the past two years and it's good, but not something I'd go out of my way for (some of my coworkers like it for their birthday lunches). The restaurant itself is kind of neat looking - there's a fishpond (saltwater, I think) running through the entry way and you can look out at the water. It would not be my choice for one dinner in Seattle, but it wouldn't be the worst choice either.

        Other posters have good suggestions - Tom Douglas places are generally good, a couple places at Pike Market, and Barolo are all pretty good. What are you looking for? View? Seafood? Upscale?

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          Paseo for AMAZING cuban sandwiches - order #2 or #8. Just be prepared to wait outside in line for at least 30 minutes. And go early, as they sell out of sandwiches (like the #2 and the #8!).

          I'm actually not from Seattle so I don't know if this is close to where you are staying.. but in my opinion it's worth the trek.

          1. re: Jenny15X

            I agree that Paseo is AMAZING - Midnight Cuban being my favorite. However, Paseo is in Fremont which is not in the vicinity of the Westin (Downtown). Though one could easily get there by bus, there are plenty of great places downtown.

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              Buses are free downtown, between Battery and Jackson, from the waterfront to 6th Avenue, from 6am to 7pm. Kids will enjoy the bus tunnel (all free)

        2. If it's a nice day, I love to eat on the Pink Door deck (on Post Alley, Pike St. Mkt.). Friends recently visited us from the Midwest and ate their favorite meals at Tom Douglas restaurants, all downtown. Several other friends always hit the happy hours at Union and The Brooklyn. We love Crow, Le Pichet and Restaurant Zoe. There are so many great places, but as BallardFoodie suggests, do your homework. There are also plenty of mediocre places.

          1. There are so many different places to recommend you'll need to be a bit more specific about what kind of experience you're looking for. However, If you only have one night, I would not recommend using it to go to Palisades, it's not bad, there are just many far better options.
            Some favorites:
            - Crush
            - Maekawa Bar
            - Matt's in the Market
            - Place Pigalle
            - Sitka & Spruce

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            1. re: bergeo

              I'm piggybacking on the thread.
              I'm staying at the Pan Pacific and looking for chowhound-worthy fare I can bring kids to.
              Serious Pie looks like an option, especially from 3-5pm when half-pizzas are $5!
              Any other recommendations in the area?
              Also, if I can dump the kids on family, would another Tom Douglas place be my best option?
              I'm looking more for overall value and quality than white linen tablecloths.

              1. re: non sequitur

                Palace Kitchen is kid-friendly. I wouldn't hesitate taking kids there at all.