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Jul 8, 2009 03:40 PM

Duluth - Nokomis in WSJ (rave)

Nokomis got a nice review in the Wall Street Journal last week:

Glad to see the review, as not only are they the second closest retaurant to my house, but I think they offer a great experience and Big Lake view. Service can be a bit slow on a busy night, the usual problem with the Shore places that can't afford to keep high numbers of staff on in anticipation of nice weather. (Of course I just had a slow service experience yesterday lunch at Obeno-ya in Minneapolis, and they should be able to have enough staff



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  1. What would you recommend at Nokomis? Would you recommend lunch? Also, if you have been to New Scenic Cafe, how would you compare the two? Thanks!

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    1. re: rp1760

      New Scenic Cafe and Nokomis both have similar food (local, seasonal, organic etc.) and prices ($10's for lunch, $20's for dinner) but their atmospheres are very different. Nokomis is more upscale, which is one of the reasons why I prefer New Scenic. But I suppose it's whatever the occasion calls for. I've never had anything short of excellent at either restaurant. There's also another similar restaurant a few more miles up the shore called Ledge Rock Grille, located at the Larsmont Cottages resort.

      I just had the pan fried grouper a few weeks ago at New Scenic and it may have been the best thing I've ever eaten.

      1. re: nkar

        I'm ashamed to say that even though I went to UMD for 5 years and visit every month or two, I've never been to New Scenic or Nokomis. They are both at the top of my list of things to do when I go up later this month.

        1. re: BigE

          When we were in Duluth last year I was trying to decide between New Scenic Cafe and Nokomis for lunch. Ended up going to NSC. I had the walleye sandwich with crushed pistachio which was very tasty. husband had a pork dish - a very small portion, especially given its price, but tasted very good. Also had their desserts which were good also. Overall a great meal but on the pricey side.

          1. re: Ummm

            Both are good restaurants. I might have to give a nod to Nokomis because the view is incredible. It seems that new Scenic is more expensive also. Is there anyone that thinks New Scenic has much better food then Nokomis? I have always thought they were close.