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Jul 8, 2009 03:07 PM

Right to the Point - Good. Cheap. Sitdown.

Hi! Due to splurging on birthday vacations, presents, dinners and such recently I'm looking to tighten the (money, not food!) belt. Sitdown restaurants (not takeout) or happy hours with good eats, preferably under $20 pp, the cheaper the better! The first things that come to mind are Gyu Kaku, C&O, things like that. Table service places preferred, but it doesn't really matter. Starting westside please. Thank you!

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  1. i'll start of with shamshiri grill for persian food. not only is the food really good and really inexpensive, the portions are big enough for you to take some home with you for lunch the next day.
    despite this, i would recommend that you NOT try to split an entree there because they will get testy and charge you a split charge.

    the quality/quantity/price ratios are simply terrific.

    they also offer almost everything they serve during the week on their lunch special menu --same food, smaller portions, lower prices.

    1. Mariscos Chente for camarones. Either $12 or $13 per entree.

      Mariscos Chente
      4532 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

      1. THAI BOOM on venice near midvale.
        not only are all their normal prices very low, but they will allow you to order from their 'lunch special' menu at any time.
        very accommodating re: special orders too.
        lovely people. good food.
        fwiw, the kind of dishes that i like to order there are prik king, prik pao, etc. i am not a terrific fan of their noodles, but friends of mine disagree with me on this and love their noodles.

        1. mao's kitchen in venice.
          be aware though, that this is NOT authentic chinese food.
          it is california food that is inspired by chinese cuisine.
          for what it is, and where it's located, it's dandy.

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          1. re: westsidegal

            Have you been recently? I've been a couple times and have had really horrible service. Just rude, slow, nonexistent, and got the order wrong on top of it. Then blamed me for ordering wrong and charged me for what they gave me AND what I originally wanted. Similar situation when I gave them another chance via takeout.

            1. re: Yes Please

              i've never had that kind of negative experience there.
              in my experience the service is always a little slow, but never actually bad.
              my order has alway been delivered correctly.

              mao's is on my regular rotation.
              i hope that what you experienced is not going to be a regular thing.

          2. Skaf's in Glendale
            Bruddah's in Gardena
            Langers near DTLA
            Izakaya Bincho (stretching it...)