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Jul 8, 2009 03:02 PM

101/PCH Mexican Seafood or Other?

Just about to leave San Jose and have decided to take a leisurely drive down either 101 or the PCH to LA. Will stop somewhere midway tonight. I would like to explore/take my time and I find restaurant destinations a good way to do that.

One of my interests lately has been mariscos, Mexican seafood. Would love suggestions along either of these routes for places serving things such as ceviche, cocteles, sarandeados, molcajetes, caldos, and so on -- or even non-west coast Mexican seafood options.

I couldn't find much searching, unfortunately.

Even if you can point me to towns and neighborhoods that seem like they have a concentration of Mexican restaurants and taquerias making food for 1st gen Mex-Americans, that would great. Love interesting produce stands, fish markets, and so on.

I will probably take one of these ways back from LA, too, unless I opt for 99, so while it'd be great to get quick recs, please keep them coming for tomorrow and next week.

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  1. Highway 1, south of Santa Maria in the litttle town of Guadalupe: La Simpatia family Mexican cafe - best chile rellenos on the south coast. Nice retro steak house at the Far Western a few doors down the block on the same side of the street. Both legendary in these parts.

    Cruise Milpas Street in Santa Barbara on Highway 101 and check out the small, family owned Mexican restaurants from La Superica (#15 Tocino special is superb) to El Bajio to a few more that also have Mexican seafood.

    Go off 101 south of Ventura to Highway 126 to Santa Paula and see what family Mexican restaurants you want to try there in that historic little town in the middle of citrus and avocado groves.

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      I think I gave up on 1. I spent too much time visiting family today, then too much time in Gilroy. (Monte Alban has mediocre licuados, but tasty tlayudas. Los Perricos isn't worth anyone's time.) Got to Watsonville around 8pm and everything was closing. Forgot about the field worker effect. Am planning on exploring Mexican seafood and produce markets in Watsonville and Salinas then trying to push on to possibly hit Superica for late dinner. Perhaps somewhere else. So 101 will be the route tomorrow.