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Jul 8, 2009 02:41 PM

[MSP] Sugar-free Torani Flavored "Syrups" in Mpls or St. Paul?

I swear I've bought these (sugar-free) flavored syrups for Italian sodas somewhere in the Twin Cities, but I can no longer remember where. I know Cost Plus used to carry them. Does anyone know who else carries them? I prefer Torani brand, but DaVinci would work in a pinch, too.

Also, either Mpls or St. Paul is fine, but I'd prefer to avoid the suburbs if at all possible.

Thank you!


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  1. Check out TJMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods. They carry them, though not in reliable quantity or flavor.

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      My wife loves the English toffee sugar free but had so much trouble finding a reliable source that would have it when we wanted more, that we switched to online. We use Chewbrokers, http://www.chewbrokers.com/ and they have been reliable and great to work with, plus they have every flavor you could want, sugared or not. usually we get 6 bottles at a time, perhaps 3 times a year.

    2. i know i saw these syrups recently at both kowaslkis and cooks of crocus hills on grand, but as i wasn't buying them i didnt do much investigating, can't say if they carry sugar free or not.

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        Ah ha! I'll bet Kowalskis is where I got them before. I had remembered that it was at a "regular" grocery.

        These are all great suggestions, thank you!


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            I usually buy sugar free Torani at World Market.

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              Wintergoblin, I hate to be a downer but Cost Plus (in my OP)=World Market, and they've closed in the Twin Cities.

              Lots of great suggestions in this thread, thank you!


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                I had purchased this from Cost Plus World Market but now just get it from Amazon (free shipping no tax).

          2. You can also order from the Torani website.