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Jul 8, 2009 02:34 PM

Veg-friendly Italian in LIC/Greenpoint vicinity?

Going out for birthday dinner later this month and would love to find an affordable ($10-$15/entree) Italian restaurant that specializes in fresh, homemade pasta and can accommodate a vegetarian, a lactose-intolerant vegetarian, and a few omnis who will eat just about anything. If chianti or the like is on the wine list, all the better. I'd like more of a traditional sit-down restaurant type of place vs. a pizzeria with seating in the back.

I was told that Frost or Manducatis would be good choices, but I've never been to either and was wondering what your opinions were. We're focusing on the LIC/Greenpoint area since we'll be having drinks in Greenpoint afterward, but something special in Williamsburg is also a consideration since we'll have wheels.

Generally, I do not go out for Italian food since my in-laws cook it for us all the time, but this is a special occasion and I'd love to find something memorable.


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  1. I don't think there is any memorable Italian in Greenpoint - but you might want to look at Aurora in Williamsburg for a more modern vibe or the old red-sauce places near Graham like Frost, Cono's or Bamonte's.