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Jul 8, 2009 02:31 PM

Looking for good Cafe Cubano and Mojito


I will be visiting Philly for the Bastille day at Eastern State Penitentiary this Saturdy July 11th. I was going to eat at Tierra Colombiana since I am Colombian and haven't had good Colombian food since Miami.

However, I was saddened to find out Tierra Colombiana, despite being a Cuban and Colombian restaurant does not offer Cafe Cubano. (I called them and asked). Does anyone know where I can find some of that thick, syrupy coffee in Philadelphia?

Also I understand Tierra Colombiana makes a great Mojito? Any other recommendations? The best I have ever had (and I have been all over Miami and the Keys) is in Washington DC, at a bar in Dupont Circle called Cafe Citron.

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  1. I've come to beleive that the "best mojito" is like voting on the best pizza or cheeseteak-- very subjective and everyone has a differing opinion on what defines good.

    For me, the best mojito I've had in the area is at Cuba in Chestnut Hill. The food's not great, but they make a perfect (IMO) mojito... and have a wonderful deck for sipping. On my last visit they were still BYO rum, but were expecting to have their liquor license soon.

    Cuba Libre's mojitos are not a favorite-- too bitter from the sugar cane juice.

    Alma de Cuba does a good job. And I always liked Cafe Habana when they were opened, depsite using the dried mint leaves.

    For reference, my favorite mojito is at El Maison de Pepe in Key West.

    1. Cuba Libre does have a cafe cubano, not sure how good it is. You might try Vietnamese french drip coffee w/ condensed milk. Not a cubano, but rich, thick, and sweet --awsome coffee.

      I like caipirinhas better than mojitos. But sadly they never took off the way mojitos did. Fogo de Chao has a great caipirinha and Devil's Alley had a good Mango Basil caipirinha, so they might have good mojitos.

      I also like Mixto--they have mojitos and might also have cafe cubano.

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        thanks everyone for your replies! It sounds like I need to go to Miami (and eventually cuba, if Obama allows it) to get Cafe Cubano