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Jul 8, 2009 02:29 PM

Caffe Italia in Toms River - Terrible Service

My SO and I had dinner at Caffe Italia last night, probably for the last time.

We had the worst server we've ever encountered anywhere. He approached our table and recited the evening's specials while looking up at the ceiling, out the window, and around the dining smile, no personality, nothing. He didn't explain how the dishes were prepared and didn't seem to know the ingredients.

While we waited for him to return to take our order we observed him with other patrons, one of whom he bumped in passing their table. When the patron told him he'd bumped her, he just rolled his eyes and shrugged. Another patron sent back her entree...again the eye-rolling routine. Perhaps he was related to the owner, but his behavior was completely rude and inexcusable.

He put our order in (which was delivered by a runner), and we didn't see him again until he brought us the check, which he dropped on the table without a word and walked off.

We've always liked the food at this place, but this server completely turned me off...and when someone turns me off, that's it....I'm done.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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  1. Wow ...we've never had that happen to us in the many times dining there ...but there is always a first.......since you've been there before have you ever seen the server there...? Did you relate your experience to the manager or owner I would have done that for sure, especially being a regular. Sorry to hear this. As an alternative in the area try Villa Amalfi on Rt 9

    1. Wow, he was terrible and inexcusable. In this economy a restaurant does not need that type of attitude. You probably should have had a quick talk with the owner. He or she would have thanked you for the warning.