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Jul 8, 2009 02:27 PM

ISO *somewhat hip* with good food in SF

my husband and I have 2 young children, and I'm planning to take him out for dinner for his upcoming b'day. The problem? It's been so long since I've been to a new place that I no longer know where to go. Looking for something that is not fussy, serves really good food and is somewhat hip (although not so hip as to make people who are 35+ feel really old). We live in Noe Valley, so someplace close would be great. We love all kinds of food.

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  1. With or without the kids?

    1. Nopa. Very good cocktails, sexy lighting, great pork chop.

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        Second for Nopa. It's hip without being trendy, no-one should really feel out of place here, the staff is very nice. The food is simple, well thought out and fresh, the bar/cocktail list is nothing short of amazing. Get a reservation though.

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          totally agree with the rec-- it is one cool place that we have been to! any other thoughts in that vain. to clarify, this is for an evening out without the kids.

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            What about Range?

            Also, is there a price range you are looking at? If I recall correctly, Range is about the same as Nopa.

            Here's a link to my recent report:

      2. flour + water
        front porch (not many 4-seaters)

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          If you're going w/ kids, try going early to Berreta (they don't take reservations for parties less than 6). Get a good cocktail, great pizza, and some small plates. And friendly service. Warning -- they can get quite busy later.

          1199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

        2. Beretta
          Velvet Cantina

          1. Not sure what your price range is, but I had a good meal at Bar Bambino the other night. Definitely hip, and definitely not fussy. All of the service staff gave off a very friendly vibe (except one meticulous-looking guy who I am guessing was the sommelier, something of the Parisian, BCBG, moneyed, slightly annoyed hipster to his demeanor.)

            The food was excellent - gutsy Italian fare, perfectly executed, a to-die-for charcuterie plate (and a super-sweet expert who explained all the meats with such passion.) My companion ordered the chicken, here's a snapshot. He said it was incredible - juicy, flavorful - what chickens used to be.

            They also have an enclosed back garden, sexy lighting, and great wine. The tables are a touch close, but it feels cozy rather than cramped.