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Jul 8, 2009 02:19 PM

Jackson Heights foodie tour

I will be heading to the city this weekend and staying in Jackson Heights. I was born and raised in Brooklyn but I know nothing about Queens.

I will be bringing my boyfriend (born and raised in upstate NY) and 2 adventurous kids.
Last time we went to the city I took him on a LES foodie tour. I'd like to do one of Queens, concentrating on Jackson Heights since that's where we will be staying.

We are not scared of food carts, love sweets, and adore Mexican.

I'm not really interested in Indian.

I've heard of Pio Pio and will do that for one big group dinner.

Any other ideas?
We are heading to the city to do museums on Saturday, is there a good neighborhood place to get breakfast that morning? No trendy brunch spots, breakfast.

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    1. re: ow77

      Awesome, thanks!

      I had searched the board but I was searching for Jackson Heights and a lot of the stuff was old. Roosevelt Ave is much better...but now I am overwhelmed!