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Jul 8, 2009 01:54 PM

Brunch Paoli/Malvern Area

Hi Y'all,

I'm planning my best friend's Bachelorette Party so I am looking for a place to have Brunch the morning after near her place! Please let me know of your recomendations.

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  1. Probably a little late but a few decent options are Meridiths in Berwyn (we did our rehearsal dinner there and if you're pinching pennies it's BYO) or George's in Wayne.

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    1. re: caddo

      Meridith's is no longer BYOB. At least, not for champagne and other types of alcohol they now sell. Their web site says BYOB, but it's not. I'd call them and find out what they are selling and what they allow you to bring.

    2. Classic Diner (don't think diner) in Malvern/Frazer has great food, but usually has a wait on the weekends.

      1. A Taste of Britain Tea Room in Devon might be a nice "girly" brunch. Had my baby shower there, the chocolate almond scones are AMAZING! (granted, I was preggo, so just about anything chocolate tasted good to me at that point) but they were very nice/accomodating too.

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          There is a small sign in the grass at Spread Eagle Village: "Future Home of A Taste of Britain". Does anyone have details? There is so much space available at Spread Eagle, it could be moving in almost anywhere.

        2. What about King Street Grille in Malvern? Haven't been in years, but they do a serious brunch.