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Jul 8, 2009 01:52 PM

Help Me Ethnic Food Guru's

I do not care where the best Greek or Italian food is. I would like to know where you can find the RARE food. For example, I recently found that Restoran Malay is a top end authentic Malaysian restaurant who serve traditional dishes (other than curries). You could also try Dukem on the Danforth for some "Tibs" which is a Ethiopian dish. I want all the food guru's to come out of hidding and tell me about some unique ethnic restaurants and the food which you recommend that is unique to us or their culture and we should try it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

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  1. Well for one, I don't think Restoran Malaysia is that good for Malaysian food. The one in the food court of First Markham Place and Gourmet Garden (sheppard and brimley) are both much better, but they are "take out" places.

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      i agree. Gourmet Garden is way better than Restoran. and way cheaper too!

      1. re: mightykc

        I have only tried Restoran Malaysia. I like them because they have quite a few vegetarian options. Does Gourmet Garden have veg options as well?


      2. re: szw

        I will have to check that out. Any idea of the name of the place in First Markham? I live minutes away and have been there several times and never recognized it.

        1. re: jlherman

          Its a stall in the food court. its in the corner next to the vietnamese restaurant. I believe there is "thai" something in the name but I don't remember.

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            its beside the japanese food stall at the back of the food court. try the laksa. its very good and uses two different types of noodles like they do in singapore.

        2. You my want to check out this blog:
          Annette and her husband ate their way through over 50 of Toronto's ethnic restaurants (1 per week for a year). Maybe you'll will find some ideas there.

          1. Drupati's for Trini fare. Albion and Islington. Awesome doubles.

            1. How about some indian food from the western part of india: gujarati food, available across the temple shop at 427 and finch, very reasonable and run by volunteers from the temple. But pure vegetarian

              1. Djerba la Douce. It's family-owned and run. I have always enjoyed the food there, which is North African, but with French influences. Very friendly people, but keep in mind they don't serve alcohol.