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Best Fairly Cheap Restaurants in the French Quarter

I'm a local having a 'staycation' in the French Quarter for my birthday and want to try some new places. Think Stanley! or Angeli: good food but not super expensive. Please tell me about your undiscovered treasures:)

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  1. Definitely EAT on the corner of Dauphine and Dumaine. Yummy! I love their brunch...especially the shrimp and grits. It's also BYOB...which makes it very inexpensive.

    1. Not necessarily undiscovered, but:

      Green Goddess
      Palace Cafe temperature lunch if your staycation includes a weekday
      Pelican Club's early evening prix fixe special, between 5:30 and 6:30
      Hermes Bar at Antoine's: order off the bar menu, or apps off the regular menu
      Yuki on Frenchmen
      Italian Barrel by French Market for cheese and/or charcuterie and wine
      Orleans Grapevine on Orleans btw Royal and Bourbon for great small plates and wine

      I'm making myself hungry.

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        The day after a really well-worth it full price dinner at the Pelican Club we were walking past and saw the early-bird special on the chalkboard and were floored. I'd go again at late-bird prices (is that a phrase?) but the early-bird deal was really insane.

      2. The best deal in the quarter for lunch, in my opinion, is Bacco. $15 for two courses (try the tomato bisque) with pennies for the martinis. There is a $19 two course offering at Bayona, although it is only slightly better than the ordinary, very reasonably priced lunch menu. Their martinis, which are only 19 cents, are better than at Bacco. Lastly, try the Green Goddess. The food is excellent (esp. the crawfish cake)(also, BYOB). But go early, go later, or anticipate sitting at the bar -- the place is tiny.

        1. if you do go BYOB, you can pick up a bottle or two at Vieux Carre Wine & Spirits, next to K Paul's.
          422 Chartres St
          New Orleans, LA 70130-2102
          (504) 568-9463

          if you want good drinks and inexpensive food, head to Felipe's at 301 N Peters St. (great happy hours).

          pop into Croissant d'Or on Ursuline or Coffee Pot on St. Peter for brekkie.

          Salt 'n' Pepper on N. Peters is good Indian.

          go to the roof of the Royal Orleans, poolside, for snack and drinks...great sunsets.
          or take the ferry to Dry Dock Cafe...again, great sunsets over the Fr. Qtr from the ferry.

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            Love Dry Dock. Try Napoleon House, Central Grocery, Felipes is great as well but check out any COOLinary deals that restaurants may offer during the summer. I am not certain of the website, but I belive that several FQ restaurants participate in this special. I also love the courtyard at Cafe Amelie, but not as fond of the food. Bayona has a great lunch special and a fabulous courtyard. Have you thought about veering outside of the Quarter?

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              I went to the RO the other day to try to catch a drink and they have a SECURITY gate up now!! you need a room card/key to get into the pool area

              seriously bummed me out cause I love that spot for drinks & a napoleon house muff

            2. Cafe Amelie for lunch or brunch is always nice; it's reasonably priced for dinner, too. The courtyard is so nice, but not great for sitting in in this weather. I love their Amelie cocktail, so refreshing.

              1. Great suggestions on places that I haven't heard of (Green Goddess, Yuki, Salt n' Pepper) and places that I have heard of but didn't think about lunch specials or eating in the bar (Hermes) or at the pool (Royal Orleans). This is an opportunity for me to break out of my usual restaurants rut.

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                  Salt n Pepper has good Pakastani food, including my favorite offering there, goat masala, but it's not a place I'd hit up for a staycation. It's basically take out food in styrofoam boxes, and the place has less than zero in the way of atmosphere.

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                    yes, but you could grab a bottle of wine or beer to compliment the food and picnic on the river. there is always atmosphere in NOLA.

                    one the best and most memorable meals in Montreal was takeaway on the St. Lawrence.

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                      You're right, that does sound good. Maybe one of those big bottles of Kingfisher, although I don't know where you'd find that. Vieux Carre W&S has a great selection of beers and they don't care if you break up six packs. Still, it might be too hot to eat outside. It all depends...

                2. My personal inexpensive favorite is Bennachin on Royal; it's also BYOB.

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                    Indeed! Although, even if you bring your own booze you should try their home-made ginger drink. It's fantastic.