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Jul 8, 2009 01:27 PM

This is my first dog and pony show. Good Asian Market and Pho in Denver please.

We moved to Northeast Wyoming from So Cal in January and we are taking our first trip to Denver for food and shopping. There is NO food or shopping (only Walmart and Crapplebies, literally) where I am at. I need a good asian market (I looked for 99 ranch, but none in DEN) to stockup on supplies and somewhere for a good bowl of pho. The busier the place the better. We are staying in Cherry Creek.

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  1. Pacific Ocean Intl Market. Original is at 2200 W Alameda (near Federal). Might be closed because the old shopping center it's in is/was slated for demolition and redevelopment. Newer branch is at 6600 W 120th Ave (near Main) in Broomfield. They're big and carry a large inventory from many countries.

    Not Asian but impressive is Rancho Liborio, a terrific Latino market w/ good prices and interesting products. There are several in Colo. The one I'm familiar with (and closest to Cherry Creek) is at 10400 E Colfax, Aurora (just east of Denver).

    1. KoMart is in Aurora, and is a very large grocery (the size of a regular mega-mart) full of all sorts of different Asian products.

      I love Pho 79 III. Denver actually has terriffic Vietnamese food, and this little section of Aurora has quite a few different options.

      This area of Aurora, is an easy drive, of less than 15 minutes from Cherry Creek.

      Komart Video
      2000 S Havana St, Aurora, CO

      Pho 79 III
      1080 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80012

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        Booger- I'm not even close to being well-versed in Vietnamese food- but had a great meal at Pho 7 on Hampden recently. Have you been? How does it compare to Pho 79 III?

        I had a $7.00 bowl of "rare steak and well done brisket". The side plate of "fixings" was eyebrow-raising substantial- there was a pile of thai basil that would have cost $4.00 alone at Whole Foods. A huge pile of bean sprouts... fresh jalapenos... a half of lime cut in wedges... I know it's the standard presentation but the volume delivered and the crisp freshness of everything was remarkable.

        EDIT- I second or third the praise for H-Mart. Amazing place... and the one place I've found where I can get razor-thin slices of sirloin for making Philly cheese steaks! The seafood is awesome as well. Great produce.

        1. re: e_bone

          do they have culantro as part of their herb plate? That is my favorite herb for pho. We are heading down after work. It will take about 5-6 hours. Can't wait to eat and shop.

          1. re: septocaine_queen

            yes- there was cilantro as well. forgot.

            1. re: e_bone

              Tried Pho 79, super tasty and yes, they have culantro, which isn't cilantro but sometimes referred to as sawtooth mint bc it has serrated edges. You use it as you would used the basil. Next time tear it up in little pieces and let it cook in the broth a bit.

      2. The Korean chain Han Ah Reum (H-Mart) has a branch in Aurora:
        2751 S Parker Rd
        Aurora, CO 80014
        I have not been to that branch, but other branches are pretty nice (big Asian grocery store).

        1. I read on yelp about Far East Market and Little Saigon Market, how are they? from research it appears that Federal and Alameda have a lot of Asian stuff. is that where most places are centered or is more in Aurora. We are getting our cars serviced in Aurora so we will be in the area. Ideally I want chinese / viet based market.

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          1. re: septocaine_queen

            I'm wondering if Booger actually means H Mart, rather than KoMart. H Mart is brilliant and by far the best one-stop-shop for anything and everything Asian, especially foodstuffs. You're right about the Alameda and Federal intersection, which is where the Far East Center resides. But all along Federal Boulevard are Asian markets and restaurants. You asked about pho: The best pho joint in and around Denver is Pho 95, at 1002 South Federal Boulevard. I go at least once a week and that's not nearly enough. Seriously stupendous pho.

            1. re: gastronaughty

              Thanx for the suggestion, I have to go to denver on the 16 and am looking forward to
              trying it out. Do you know what time they open?

              1. re: gastronaughty

                I absolutely meant H Mart. KoMart is close by, but not as big, much more expensive, and just not as good. KoMart is Korean influenced if I am not mistaken, H Mart has everything.

                H Mart is what I meant to recommend.

              2. re: septocaine_queen

                Septocaine-Queen - re "from research it appears that Federal and Alameda have a lot of Asian stuff," less than previously. An old strip shopping center housing Pacific Ocean Intl Mkt and other enterprises is slated to be demolished and replaced by a Home Depot. A number of the smaller Asian businesses have moved out (some in the area, some elsewhere, some gone). The recession might have stalled the Home Depotization plans but the old shopping center is a shadow of its former self. I now go to the newer POIM, which is closer for me, so I haven't been the Federal and Alameda for a while. And Gastronaughty is correct that there are many Asian businesses strung along Federal.

              3. I love H-Mart!!! Thanks for the rec. It has literally everything Asian. I was twitching from all the stuff I wanted. I bought 2 diff kinds of kim chee, box of mangos, udon, short ribs, coconut milk, longans, shrimp paste, on choy, fried tofu. And the place is clean and doesn't smell like old fish.

                I used to take all this stuff for granted when I was growing up in the Bay Area, but since we have moved to WY....