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Jul 8, 2009 01:21 PM

Old School Frozen Custard

Just tried this new place on 13th/14th and Pike. Although I have heard rumors such a thing exists, I had never tried frozen custard. They always have chocolate and vanilla and each day they rotate a third flavor; tin roof was yesterday's special. I had a scoop of the special that was vanilla based with chocolate and caramel sauce studded with spanish peanuts (which the counter guy said were very special and a little "uppity", yes that is what he said). The custard was a consistency that I have never experienced before in frozen food. It was AMAZING. A little pricey, but fun every once in awhile.

Does anyone know if this is a chain? I loved the drawings of the old Seattle schools...

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  1. Not a chain, but this is their second location (original in Bonney Lake, I believe).

    Frozen Custard is fantastic. Very popular in the Midwest.
    I'm glad we're seeing it up around these parts now.

    Try Frozen Peaks over in Ravenna too.

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      In Portland, we have Tart on SE Division which does vanilla and chocolate custard and also an unsweetened yogurt in tart and usually another special flavor.

      In Vancouver WA, there is Sheridan's Frozen Custard.

      Frozen custard is great stuff and we need more of it in the NW!! ;o)

    2. I live about 4 blocks from Old School Custard....very dangerous! I love the consistency of custard and it's not overly sweet. Their special flavor of the day is consistently good. Blueberry was fantastic. The people who work there are super nice and they will start handing out samples if the line gets too long. A very nice touch.

      1. I haven't yet tried Old School, but think Peakes is pretty decent. A few years back, in Detroit, I tried frozen custard, but it was more like soft serve, except that it was many times more dense. The custard places here seem to serve the custard scoop-style and it isn't quite as heavy. Anyone have any idea which is more traditional?

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          Frozen custard originated with Arthur Abbott in 1902. Abbott's continues today and serves scoop-style custard the way Arthur did. This is how Peaks and Old School serve their custard as well. (full disclosure I'm an owner of Peaks). About 1919, Archie Kohr also invented a "frozen custard" style of ice cream. He actually modified the ice cream batch freezer he had to be more like a modern soft-serve machine and his mix was lighter than traditional ice cream. The Detroit area has some places selling frozen custard based on the Kohr model as do parts of the east coast. By far, the larger number of shops serve the scoop style, notably Kopp's. Leon's and Culver's (and numerous smaller places) in WI where the Peaks owners grew up. Since the 1970s the FDA has regulated that "frozen custard" is an ice cream (meaning it must have 10% butterfat) and must have at least 1.4% egg yolk. These soft-serve custard places typically don't qualify under that definition so I'm not sure if they're grandfathered in or what. I hope that helps...

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              Thanks for the info!

              I am from NY and am a fan of both Abbott's and Kohr's.

              I love frozen custard and wish there was more of it in the NW!!

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                The first and only time I had frozen custard was in Lacrosse, Wi, at a Butter Burger.
                Oh my!!! The frozen custard was more like a soft ice cream but nothing like it, if you know what I mean.
                I loved it.
                I have purchased Snoqualmie Gourmet Frozen Custards. They are very delicious.
                But I would like to find "fresh" soft.

            2. I was really disappointed in Old School in Bonney Lake. Peak's is way better.

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                Check out Sheridan's Custard in Vancouver, WA. Their Mount Rush S'more concrete is awsome (vanilla custard, hot fudge, marshmallow creme and graham crackers). YUM!

                1. re: White Castle

                  Oh I know!! Sheridan's is definitely the best! We always hit it when we visit Portland. :)

                  1. re: White Castle

                    Is this Sheridan's connected to the Sheridans chain in Kansas city?

                2. I tried old school today,and while the texture was indeed dense and unique - like high fat gelato - I found the flavors weak. I had a taste of the vanilla, which was vanilla but not OMG vanilla, and a scoop of the key lime, which I suppose was vaguely lime-y but not tart or bracing or interesting enough to entice me to eat more than half the scoop.