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Jul 8, 2009 01:09 PM

Recommendations for a tasty birthday cake near Morrisville?

My cousin is looking for a place to order a birthday cake for this Saturday. He has been going to Southern Seasons in Chapel Hill but he prefers to not drive as much (so somewhere near Morrisville). So, any recommendations for a place that sells tasty and good looking cakes?


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  1. For this Saturday, you may be cutting it a little close to order a custom cake. Swank ( and Once In A Blue Moon ( in Cary both do yummy and unique stuff, but generally require some lead time. You may also want to try Victoria's Sweets ( in Morrisville - I've only tasted one cake from there, and while it wasn't stellar, it was pretty good.

    If you're open to something less traditional, the tarts at La Farm Bakery ( in Cary are fabulous. You can also get some tasty sweet stuff at The Fresh Market.

    1. I've had good cake from Once in a Blue Moon in Cary.

      On the whole I'd rather have, as SuzyQ recommends, a tart from La Farm.

      1. Another vote for Blue Moon Bakery. If you call them today, it shouldn't be any problem to have it for Saturday.