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Jul 8, 2009 01:06 PM

Crabs in the Outer Banks

Is there a place in the northern section (we're in Corolla) where you can get fairly priced crabs? We went to Steamers in Timbuk II which is good but they only serve Snow/King crab legs. We were looking for something more like Maryland Blues.


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  1. Unfortunately, I don' t think that type of restaurant exists on the OB:

    The best suggestion might be to buy some crabs and pick them at home.

    1. I don't know of anywhere in Corolla, but if you want to drive about 30 mins down you can get steamed blue crabs from Daniel's, which is on the right on the causeway over to Manteo, just before you go over the bridge. It is a shack right on the sound. They pick and sell lump meat too.

      1. It's been several years (7ish) but there used to be a place just below Duck that had Maryland type steamed crab. On the main road. I swear I can't remember the name of it though. IIRC, it was near the KFC that was on the left (going south) and this restaurant was on the right. You could order them by the dozen. We ate in the restaurant many times and also did take out. One trip I ate their crabs almost exclusively! It was a small restaurant - probably didn't seat more than 30. They might have gone out of business after I stopped going to OBX and supporting them!

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          headed to corolloa in a week - same ?? we want to bring crabs back to the house for a crowd. is there a recommended fish shop that is good $$/fresh? is it reasonable to have them cooked and cleaned?

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            By reasonable, do mean available or inexpensive? Its very reasonable, in that lots of places sell cooked and picked crabmeat. Its not reasonably priced, however...lump crabmeat runs around $20 per pound. You'll probably have trouble finding a place that sells whole, live crabs.

        2. drive down to nags and go to tortuga's lie

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            Why would the OP do that? I don't see steamed blue crabs on their menu. Do they offer them as a special? As a word of caution in general, I had a horrible meal at Tortuga's Lie back in January.

            1. re: bbqdawg

              How bad? I've eaten there twice, once decent and once very good. I could see, however, the potential for a bad experience. Their jerk seasoning alone could ruin a meal. As far as crabs, just south of tortugas lie there's a seafood store on the road running parallel to the beach that has blue crabs.

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                Daniels like that one poster said,I was there the other day and picked up four lbs. of Lump,Its a little more than 20 bucks a lb though but it was the good stuff. I can get you the number of a Crabber who might deliver Live Crabs if you like.

                1. re: jellybear

                  I just arrived on Kitty Hawk and would be interested in (2) dozen crabs if this crabber is delivering and reasonable.