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Jul 8, 2009 12:49 PM

Pairing Spirits w/ Cigars

I work in Iraq and do not access to alcohol. So, I did what any reasonable person would do and started smoking cigars. Now I am headed home for a visit and I have a nice little collection of cigars. What are your favorite drinks to go with a cigar? Do you have any specific pairings? Maybe a great brandy to pair with a Montecristo Media Noche? Maybe a great cane rum to go with that Cuban Cohiba? Or maybe just some generalities. Any info you have that will help me enjoy my cocktails and cigars would be great.

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  1. I believe Dalmore makes a single-malt whisky called the "Cigar Malt." That would certainly be one to try.

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    1. I was taught a habit 13 years ago in Havana of lightly moistening the outer wrapper of a Cohiba (I have a box of Siglo IV's) with a dab of Havana Club 7 year anejo, and then enjoying the puro and the anejo (neat) together.
      Cigars and vintage Porto are a natural, as well. A "tweener" is Courvoisier, warmed.

      1. I've found that when smoking a cigar and drinking a spirit, one usually overpowers the other and renders the lesser of the two basically moot, making both experiences less enjoyable. I prefer to imbibe the spirit, then if I'm still in the mood, I will have the cigar. However, I'm far more partial to spirits than cigars, so this could just be my prejudice showing...

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          Me too, I've never been super happy with any of the pairing so if I do have something with a cigar its usually just some decent bourbon so I don't feel like I"m wasting anything too good. For me tobacco usually gets water, tea, or coffee.

          I've also found I'm more partial to a pipe than cigars. It takes a little more skill to learn to smoke but there's a huge variety of tobacco flavors available and the price is so much more reasonable.

        2. for me, depends on time of day as well

          if afternoon - mint julep or a mint lemonade/bourbon drink with a romeo y julieta is nice

          single malts (i like oban and macallan 18) with a nice cuban - monte cristos are always cool

          1. My favorite by a long stretch is a Bolivar Belicoso fino Cabinet selection or a close second is a Trinidad (Living on the Canadian border has it's advantages). I really prefer red wine to spirits or even a glass of Port with some stilton and walnuts.