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Jul 8, 2009 12:44 PM

Best inexpensive Syrah?

I checked the archives and there's not a whole lot on this specific varietal. Any recommendations for inexpensive Syrah that can be readily had at Trader Joe's or BevMo?


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    1. re: Sasquatch350

      True, I tried to make it elastic enough but that is way too general. Let's say everything between $5 (being when I just want something to drink casually) and $30 (for the occasionally party)?

      Hopefully that spectrum is aligned with SOMEONE's concept of inexpensive...

    2. Cline is usually a good bet for a solid California Syrah in the $10 range. we're not blessed with a wine section at my local TJ's so i don't know if they carry it, but BevMo does.

      1. Here's a bunch of widely available producers selling good, inexpensive syrahs: Eberle, Kendall-Jackson, Valley of the Moon, Mahoney, Ventana, Church & State, J. Lohr, Gloria Ferrer, Concannon, Frey, Liberty School

        For a lot more names, check out the results from last year's SF International Wine Competition (sorted by varietal) here:

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          1. re: BernalKC

            Good list. Other reliable and easier-to-find shiraz / shiraz-blend winemakers: Jacob's Creek Reserve, Tintara, Vasse Felix, Peter Lehman and Concha y Toro (ok).

          2. Try a crozes-hermitage from remizieres, darnaud or belle.

            1. A quick look at BevMo's website...

              - Qupe Syrah Bien Nacido Vineyard '06 (750 ML)
              Regular Price: $27.99 ClubBev: $22.99

              - Beckmen Vineyards Syrah (750 ML)
              Price: $21.99

              - Torbreck Shiraz Woodcutters '07 (750 ML)
              Price: $19.99

              - Mitolo Shiraz Jester '06 (750 ML)
              Price: $18.99

              - Qupe Syrah Central Coast '07 (750 ML)
              Regular Price: $17.99 ClubBev: $11.99

              - Woop Woop Shiraz '07 (750 ML)
              Price: $11.99

              - Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz '06 (750 ML)
              Regular Price: $13.99 ClubBev: $9.99

              Columbia Crest Shiraz Grand Estates '06 (750 ML)
              Regular Price: $10.99 ClubBev: $8.99