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Jul 8, 2009 12:26 PM

Breakfast in Newport

Heading to spend a few days in Newport, Rhode Island. I know of lots of great places for lunch and dinner, but was hoping someone had a recommendation for breakfast. I'm looking for everything; mainstream dining, off the beaten path, high end, low cost, sit down, buffet, on-the-go. I'd like lots of options. Thanks for the help.

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  1. Lots of good options. Outside on the patio at Hotel Viking.
    Corner Cafe on Broadway (our favorite, lots of locals)
    Annies on Bellevue (next to Tennis Hall of Fame)
    Franklin Spa (not a spa, a Portuguese style resto) on Spring St. (near Memorial Drive).

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      Second the Corner Cafe recc. There's a Portugese element there too, most notable in the sausage and the french toast on Portugese sweet bread. The latter is a must, especially doused in the maple butter that comes alongside. Also many "healthy" juice options to chase it all down. Vintage posters on the wall elevate the atmosphere slightly over your standard neighborhood diner, but don't really mean much in terms of the cooking (thankfully).

    2. For diner-style breakfast with a big selection and delicious food, try the Atlantic Grill in Middletown. For a fancier sit-down brunch, try the Wyndham-Bay Voyager Inn in Jamestown for a fantastic Sunday brunch (about $30).

      1. Off the beaten path:
        Belle's Cafe at the Newport Shipyard. Surrounded by million dollar yachts:

        Usual fare: (In addition to the ones mentioned
        )Benjamin's - on Thames
        Gary's Handy Lunch - on Thames
        Bishops Diner - at the rotary outside of downtown

        High End (In price only)
        Ocean Breeze Cafe on Thames (Across from Wellington)

        1. I had an Ab-Fab Irish Breakfast (heart attack on a plate) at Buskers, but I think it is only offered on Sundays
          Also a great breakfast at the Tennis Hall of Fame, another Sunday thing I think.

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          1. re: MerryKerry

            cindys out in portsmouth is well worth the drive,maybe 15 mins,great homemade everythings.great omletes,muffins,etc..gets busy though...

            1. re: im hungry

              When my dad was stationed in Newport, we would go to the 4th Street it still there...and is it still good?? Loved the Portuguese Sweet Muffins!!!!

              1. re: winecafe95

                last time we went to 4th st. it was horrible.

          2. High end=Castle Hill