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Jul 8, 2009 12:16 PM

What are your thoughts on using ice cups for drinks?

I'm just curious--what does everyone think about using cups made of ice (example link below) for (mixed?) drinks? Flavor-wise, shouldn't there be less dilution due to a reduced surface area? Is this a good thing?

Edit: This link would probably be more appropriate as the previous link were ice shot glasses.

Thanks again!

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  1. I think this is just about the least practical thing I've ever seen! You couldn't hold it because it would stick to your fingers and also your body heat would cause it to start melting. And it would drip all over. Useless would be my opinion.

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    1. re: c oliver

      Another vote for useless. It's a party trick and makes your guests go ooooh, but it pretty much ends there when they realise how impractical it is.

      However; I've been to 'Ice Bars' in Hong Kong and Qc, where the entire bar is held at -10 or -15ºC and they use these cups. Works there because they don't melt into the drink and you're wearing gloves so your hand doesn't melt the cup.


      1. re: legourmettv

        Yeah, I was having thoughts about the fingers melting holes in the cups leaking the drink everywhere...

      1. The shot glass is probably the practical limit of the Ice As Container for drinks concept.