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Divey Birthday Rec w/ Patio?

Hey, I'm looking for a sort of divey place for my birthday dinner on a saturday night for between 7-11 people. Was thinking of the patio at El Coyote because it would be fun and is the type of place I drive by and think I can't afford the greasey calories, but they won't take a reservation. So I'm trying to find a similar sort of place, if possible with a patio and/or some space to have some drinks before dinner, anywhere from Hollywood to Beverly Hills. Thanks!

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  1. If you are willing to go another 10 minutes west - Che Jay in Santa Monica is a classic dive steakhouse thats a ton of fun. Also the Galley on Main Street.

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      Ooh, I've been to both of those. Forgot about the Galley. Good idea.

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        Just did a b-day party there for 12. Make sure to get several buckets of steamed clams. By far the best in the City. Good onion rings too.

    2. The Cat & the Fiddle on Sunset?

        1. Red Lion Tavern. I think they do reservations for groups on the patio.

          Red Lion Tavern
          2366 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

          1. A little to the east of Hollywood, but the Lowenbrou Keller on Beverly Blvd. has a great beer garden out front. Haven't been in a couple of years but the food was decent German fare and the atmosphere kitchy-Black Forest-koo-koo clock whacky. I think you can depend on it being not too crowded as well, making it fun for partying and not pissing everyone off.

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              lowenbrou keller has been gone over a year now. It's "Medusa's Lounge" and I haven't tried it. But it's not the same German place.

            2. Neptunes Net in Malibu would fit the bill..

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                Great advice. Another place between Hollywood and Beverly Hills is Danny's bait, carwash and tri-tip sandwiches in Carpinteria. Excellent tri-tip sandwiches, and right on your way to Beverly Hills.

                Danny's Jiffy Car Wash
                4890 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, CA 93013

              2. How 'divey' do you want to go?
                Here's my recommendation and I think it's about the best place for some of the great dive in LA.
                Seven- eleven people will fit quite nicely at Sanamluang on Hollywood. The restaurant is situated in a strip mall with parking on premises and around the neighborhood.
                The patio is fun and open and very divey. Like most Thai restaurants it's BYOB...and there's a minimarket a few doors down.
                After the fun and lots of drinks and good food take yourself and your friends over to JUMBO"S CLOWN ROOM.
                I really can't think of anything more divey.

                1. If you still want Mexican, with a patio, how about Lucy's El Adobe...i think for a larger party they'll take a reservation.

                  1. not sure if it's "divey" enough, but if you were willing to go to SaMo, Warszawa has a nice patio...