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Jul 8, 2009 11:55 AM

Looking for Lizano Salsa

Does anyone know where I can find Lizano Salsa locally (preferrably in the North Bay)? Just back from Costa Rica ~ and forgot to buy it while we were there. I know I can order from the internet, but would prefer to walk into a store and buy it if I can. TIA

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  1. not sure... but i found some on ebay... not bad $$ and was fast shipping! i cant wait to go back to Costa Rica! I would love to find a store that sells lizano!

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      I've found Lizano at Casa Lucas Market in the Mission. 2934 24th St xAlabama St. But the last time I was there, they were out. So delicious on eggs!!!

    2. You might give Tienda Guatemalteca in San Rafael a try.

      It is mainly Guatemalan but they carry other Central American items.

      1. Suprised there hasn't been a request for a while. I look for Lizano Sauce every time I go into a Latino market, and haven't seen it in over 5 years.

        Yesterday, I saw it twice: Mi Tierra Linda in Menlo Park and the 5th Ave. Chavez Supermarket in Redwood City (less than $7 for a big bottle).

        1. I would love to get my hands on some also. Anywhere in the South Bay?

          1. Spotted at Specialty foods in Old Oakland for less than $7.